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Looking for a simple car insurance policy near you, that covers all your bases? Onlia’s at your fingertips 24/7. With our all online platform, you can quote, buy, and manage your insurance online at the touch of a button.

With premium coverages and flexible policies, you’re in the driver’s seat – pick your coverages, and be protected as soon as the next day. You’ll get standout coverages like Family Protection in all standard policies. While it’s not required by law, we think it’s too important to go without.

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Required in Ontario
Liability Coverage
Starts at $1 million
Accident Benefits
Uninsured Automobile
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Family Protection
Accident Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Ticket Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Start a quote to see your price and more detail about how these coverages protect you. Some coverages are only available to qualifying drivers.