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What’s the average cost of car insurance in Ottawa per month?

The average cost of car insurance in Ottawa is about $1,200 per year, or $100 per month. Your individual premium depends on a number of factors, including the type of car you’re insuring, your age, how often you drive, and your driving history. Your premium is based on the probability you’ll make a claim.

Auto insurance in Ottawa is slightly less than the Ontario average of $1,528 per year, or about $127 per month. Ontario car insurance premiums are amongst the highest in the country – though there are ways to save, including taking advantage of discounts offered by providers.

By doubling, tripling, and quadrupling up on discounts, you might be surprised to find how cheap car insurance in Ottawa can be.

Explore Onlia’s discounts on car insurance.

Customize your coverage

Onlia has coverages to suit everyone — whether you’re a single professional in the city, a parent with a growing family heading into the suburbs, or a university student at Carleton or uOttawa.

Onlia car insurance policies come standard with what’s mandatory to drive in Ontario. Plus, we include extras like Accident and Ticket Forgiveness at no added cost. Get peace of mind that you’re protected by adding the coverages you need.


Coverage from Onlia

*Mandatory in Ontario

Direct Compensation*
Accident Benefits*
Third Party Liability*
Uninsured Driver*
Rental Car
Accident Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers
Ticket Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers

What to know when choosing car insurance in Ottawa

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