Affordable car insurance premiums

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How your car insurance premium is calculated

Think of the calculation of your price as an equation. This equation has many different variables, and each has a different weighting that can impact your price.

Some of the most important variables are:

  • Your driving history
  • Other drivers in your household
  • Your car and usage, including ownership, year, make, and model.
  • Where you live

These items play a role in the calculation of your premium and will explain why your price might be different from that of your neighbour or friend.

Learn more about the factors that affect your car insurance premium.

Car insurance discounts

Onlia offers several discounts on your car insurance premium. When you double, triple, and quadruple your discounts, you might be surprised at how much you can save.

Car insurance discounts*



What you can save: 20%
How you can save: Have zero convictions over a three-year period.


What you can save: 20% off per car.
How you can save: Insure two or more cars on the same Onlia account.

Bundle Car & Home

What you can save: 20% off home insurance, 15% off car.
How you can save: Insure your home and car with Onlia.

Winter Tire

What you can save: 2%
How you can save: Have winter tires installed.

Renewal Loyalty

What you can save: 2.5%
How you can save: Be an Onlia customer for 1 or more years.

New Car

What you can save: 10%
How you can save: Insure a car from 2020 or above.


What you can save: 5% off accident benefits coverage.
How you can save: Be retired and maintain a good driving record.

Graduated Licensing

What you can save: 10% off your first year
How you can save: Have your G2 licence and a good insurance history.

Use our savings calculator to see how much less you could be paying for insurance.

Daily premium structure

Our daily premium structure is the first of its kind in Canada. With Onlia, you'll pay only for the exact number of days you have insurance in a month (rather than paying a monthly average, or an entire year upfront). For example, let's say your premium works out to be $5 a day:

  • $5 a day x 31 days = $ 155 a month
  • $5 a day x 30 days = $ 150 a month

Most months are 31 days, so we quote you for that number. You'll pay a little less in shorter months. Every dollar counts, right?!

Bundle discount

Bundle your car and home insurance for more discounts – you could save 15% on car and 20% on home when you bring both policies over to Onlia.

You’ll save more than money when you bundle; manage both your car and home o policy online with easier. Sign in to My Account to make changes like updating your information, adding new vehicles, and even changing your coverage online, all on your own. Learn more about the benefits of bundling with Onlia.