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5 Things You May Not Know About Your Onlia Insurance Policy

These things may surprise (and delight) you.

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by Team Onlia

Here at Onlia we think about insurance differently, which means we also do things a bit differently. We believe insurance should be simple, easy to understand, fair, and convenient. So we've built it that way.

Here are 5 things about Onlia auto insurance policies you may not know. 

You can cancel anytime

No seriously, we mean it! We know that life happens fast. With MyAccount you can manage or cancel your insurance policy online 4/7, in just a few clicks. We offer you total flexibility and put you in the driver’s seat. The best part? Your cancellation is effective next day, there are no hidden fees or strings attached, and no paperwork or phone calls required. Ah-mazing!

You're billed by the day

At Onlia, February will be your new favourite month. With your insurance policy, you are billed by the day and only pay for the number of days that you use. Why do we do it this way? In order to give you the ability to modify or cancel your policy anytime, we need to make sure you’re only billed for the days you actually use. Sounds fair, right? That's because it is. 

If you buy today, you can drive tomorrow

Onlia makes it easy to buy insurance. Answer some simple questions and we’ll build you a policy that you can buy on the spot. With our digital process, you can access your account information online as soon as you register your account. A digital copy of your pink slip is available in MyAccount once you’ve confirmed your policy, and we’ll mail you your pink slip within 5-7 days.


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Claims aren’t the worst

If you’re in a position where you’re filing a Claim, you’ve already had a bad day. Our goal at Onlia is to make sure we help make that day a little bit easier. Our claims team is built from the ground-up to provide a caring, fair, hassle-free claims experience. We’ll support you through every step, advocate on your behalf, and take your feedback to heart in continually improving our service. We’ve cut out the claims middle-man so we can spend more time on what matters: you.

You’re helping make Canada safer

By choosing Onlia, you’re joining a growing community of people who are committed to safety. We know that preventing accidents is better than reacting to them, and insurance works better when we all drive safer. We provide Canadians with the tools and resources to help facilitate safer behaviours – from our online community to the Onlia Sense safe driving app. We make it easy to drive change and together, create a safer Canada.

We think we made insurance easy as pie, but if you ever want to know more about your Onlia insurance policy, our team is here. We offer a ton of digital touch points to connect on your channel of preference (see the full roster here). While digital, all of our interactions are powered by a caring member of the Onlia team. We’re committed to getting you answers when you need them, and embracing community feedback to helps us deliver a continually awesome experience.

Thanks for joining Onlia and drive safe.

Team Onlia


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