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All About: Home Insurance

An all-in-one guide for everything you need to know about home insurance.

by Team Onlia

Is it your first time buying home insurance, or been a while since you had to shop for a policy? You’re in the right place. Choosing a home insurance provider can be just as challenging as deciding on the perfect location, finding your dream home and coordinating your move, so it’s natural to need a little guidance. 

We’ve collected our best resources on home insurance 101 to give you an overview of all you need to know to make an informed purchase. 


Beginners, start here

First thing’s first what is home insurance, and what does it cover? This article is a great place to start, as it outlines the ins and outs of home insurance. From defining basic terms to understanding what you’ll be protected against, you’ll find all you need to know to get started here. 


Now that you know what it is, you may be asking yourself: do you really need it? The rules around home insurance are quite different than those about auto, so we’ve outlined everything you need to know before you buy your first home insurance policy. From the different types of insurance to must-have coverage, you’ll find all the information you need to confidently purchase a policy. 


Home insurance isn’t just for home and condo owners  it’s for those who rent, too. Here, we get into whether you need insurance when renting, and the basics of tenant insurance. From personal property to liability coverage, you’ll get an overview of what type of protection tenant insurance has to offer you. 


Money talks 

One of the main things that may be on your mind is: how much will your home insurance cost? Just like car insurance, there are quite a few things that go into calculating your premium. This article outlines the factors that your premium is based on, so you’ll have some insight as to what makes up the cost. 


Purchasing a policy

Now that you’ve got a solid base of knowledge and are equipped to purchase a policy, let us guide you through what it’ll take to get an Onlia home insurance policy. Spoiler: it’s not a lot. From getting a quote to understanding the discounts we offer, this is an all-in-one guide to buying an Onlia insurance policy online. 


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