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The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

We outline the advantages of spring cleaning, both emotional and physical.

Alex Kelly
by Alex Kelly

For most, a clean house is the most desirable, but sometimes it just feels like… a lot of work. Need a reason to spruce up your place? It may do more than you know for both your mental and physical health, as well as your home’s safety.

Improve your mental state

Spring cleaning always gives a ‘fresh start’ vibe, and you’re not alone in thinking that a clear home helps clear your mind. It’s been proven that going through your things and scrubbing down surfaces has a number of benefits for your mind, not just your dust bunnies. 

A study of nearly 20,000 participants found the physical activity of cleaning (for at least 20 minutes) may have marked improvements on depression while cutting down on stress and anxiety. The study also concluded that there’s a direct correlation between the dose and intensity of cleaning, to the benefits you’ll see. That is, the longer and harder you clean, the more benefits you’ll reap. 

There’s no surprise that the rise in minimalism and decluttering has made headlines, with all of the added benefits. Researchers linked a cluttered home to a higher stress hormone response, while restorative, clean homes lowered it. Downsizing the clutter may even help you make better decisions, like those related to healthier food and lifestyle choices, or even charitable giving! 

Still not convinced? Studies of MRI scans showed that physical clutter actually limits your brain’s processing capacity, AKA your ability to focus. It might be time to donate those old DVDs and ill-fitting clothes, so that you can feel better and focus more.

Improve your physical fitness

Cleaning the house may not be on your regular workout schedule, but with all the sweeping, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing, you can count on it for some physical activity. Experts found that replacing just 30 sedentary minutes a day with a light physical activity like housework can lower your mortality risk.

Airing out your home and doing a clean sweep can also improve the health of your respiratory system. Rid your home of pollutants, such as dander, mould, pet hair, and bugs, that can be a trigger for allergy-like symptoms. A deep clean may help relieve congestion, and maintenance cleaning will help keep it at bay. 


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Use the vacuum throughout the house to combat dust and dander, and prevent mould through regular cleaning of damp areas. While it may not eradicate those seasonal allergies, it can ease them and provide a bit of relief.

Trying to figure out how to hack your sleep habits? Maximize it with cleaner sheets. A national sleep study in the U.S. reported that 73% of participants actually had a better night’s sleep on fresh-smelling sheets. Considering sleep is essential for your body’s repair and recovery functions, this is a great reason to throw that bedding in the wash regularly.

Increase your home safety

Cleaning may not feel like a safety-driven activity, but the process of decluttering your house may tidy up potential risks, like blocked exits or potential choking hazards for kids. By giving everything in the house a proper place, it’s easier to expose other areas where you can improve safety, such as eliminating trip hazards, safely storing flammable materials, and affixing loose cables. 

When tackling your cleaning to-dos, make sure to include food. Overhauling your fridge, freezer, and pantry allows you to toss anything that is expired or spoiled, reducing the risk of food poisoning. After updating the contents of your kitchen, make sure you clean and disinfect all surfaces that may have come into contact with bad food.

Spring clean all year-round

While the spring always feels like a great time for a clean slate, any time of year is perfect for a deep clean. The benefits are long-lasting, and once you’ve completed that first big clean, it is easy maintenance from there. 

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to get started on your spring cleaning, blast our Spring Clean playlist; it’s sure to get you in the mood. Happy scrubbing! 


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