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Creating a safer Canada is an ongoing effort that requires all of us to be on board — us, you, your next-door neighbour. It takes changing behaviours and attitudes, some of which are embedded into our culture. No easy feat. But that doesn't mean it can't be engaging, and even pretty fun!

This is the outlook we took into the development of the Onlia Insurance™ app, our mobile app that rewards drivers for developing safer habits behind the wheel.

Our thinking is that by providing insights into driving behaviour, guidance as to how to improve, and rewards for making progress, we can help more drivers stay safe and have an overall impact on road safety. The Onlia Insurance™ app acts as a playful daily reminder to be a driving ace, and in turn, users will benefit from their contribution to creating a safer environment for everyone they're sharing the road with.

By driving with the Onlia Insurance™ app, users can earn badges and perks for completing safe-driving challenges, like reaching milestones, scoring high in driving performance, and driving undistracted. If enough people change their driving behaviour for the better, we'll have safer roads for drivers and pedestrians, fewer insurance claims, and drivers who are directly rewarded for their safe behaviour.

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Developing an app is a mix of passion, know-how, and meticulous testing for bugs and improvements. Over 12 months, 55 builds, and countless cups of coffee, the development team here at Onlia has worked hard to bring their vision to life. Check out the image below and explore the evolution of the Onlia Insurance™ app. Curious what the app looks like today? Start your own safe-driving journey by downloading the Onlia Insurance™ app for iPhone and Android today.

Want to know more about how an app is built? Tweet us @OnliaCA #OnliaCA and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Drive safe. Drive change.

Team Onlia

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