Celebrating Family Day at Home: Activities For the Whole Family

Celebrating Family Day at Home: Activities For the Whole Family

Staying in this Family Day? Take a look at these ideas to keep things fun and exciting at home.

Alex Kelly
by Alex Kelly
Family Day is around the corner, with the exciting promise of every long weekend: time off from work and school. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is making things repetitive and, depending on your jurisdiction, the confines of social distancing may put a damper on your days off.
But like most of us have been doing for the past months, we have to make the best of it! We've got some ideas to stoke the creative fire and make the most of a long weekend – even if it's spent at home, social distancing. 

Go big in the kitchen 

A long weekend is a great time to experiment with more complex recipes and extravagant desserts – why not try out recipes you don’t have the time to on weeknights? Plus, it can be a great activity for the whole family. There are plenty of roles for everyone: selecting recipes, prepping ingredients, measuring, as well as enjoying the final product. No matter the age and stage, getting messy in the kitchen is always fun. Even better? Having everyone lend a hand for the cleanup. 

If you're getting adventurous in the kitchen, performing a safety check first is a great way to start. Ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly and there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (rated specifically for cooking fires). If you have little hands helping with prep work, ensure that tasks are age-appropriate, leaving chopping and stove-top work to the adults. 

Get outside

Have a backyard? Make use of it, even if the temperatures are freezing. Spending some time in the great outdoors – even if it’s not too far outside your own back door – for Family Day will allow everyone to get fresh air while being active. You could challenge kids to build snow forts, enjoy hot cocoa around a backyard fire pit, or practice skating with a personal outdoor ice rink, promising hours of entertainment for everyone. 

Changes to your backyard may require a bit of pre-planning. If you're considering installing an ice rink, check with your insurance provider first. The risk associated with skating may increase your premiums or impact your coverage – better to know if you're on thin ice before you freeze it. Note the intricacies of personal insurance liability, which applies to injuries sustained by people outside of your household members. With social distancing orders in place, this may not be a chief concern this Family Day weekend, but should be a consideration if you open up your rink to guests. 

The same goes for fire pits; roasting marshmallows outside may feel like a welcome warm-up, but without the appropriate precautions, you may be on the wrong side of your insurance policy. Check with local municipal bylaws on the type of fire pit allowed (if at all), as well as taking safety precautions to protect things from getting out of hand. If there was damage due to a fire pit, your insurance provider might deem the operation negligent if it failed to follow municipal bylaws and safety guidelines.

Explore online

Use those Googling skills for good and plan out an epic Family Day movie night. Travel from the comfort of your own home with documentaries or travel videos on Youtube. If your little ones are in need from some QT with their BFFS, set up a Zoom party for your kid and their friends, or coordinate a virtual movie premiere with other households.

The pandemic has us all trying to understand new rules and regulations, so keeping your guest list strictly virtual is a safe way to spend Family Day weekend. As insurance companies respond to the changing environment of pandemic-related coverage, they may hesitate to offer coverage for incidents that defied municipal or provincial limitations. 

Enjoy the weekend

Family Day is the perfect time to slow down and relax. While COVID-19 has forced everything to look a little different this year, use the time to create new memories, and connect with loved ones, whether that's in person or digitally. Stay safe and enjoy the time off! 

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