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Onlia is live! After a ton of hard work behind the scenes, we couldn’t be more excited to be out in the real world. Although we’re still putting the finishing touches on our home and auto insurance offering, we decided not to wait any longer to launch our mission to make Canada safer. So here we are.

Practically speaking, going live before our insurance arrives has benefits. It allows us to build out the safety initiatives we’re working on, generate buzz, and (hopefully) get people (like you!) interested in taking action. It also leaves us room to give our business operations some extra polish before we pull the curtain back, which is a nice bonus.

One question that comes up for us a lot is: why safety? Fair ask. Safety isn’t typically a focus for companies that offer insurance. Traditionally, positioning is around “peace of mind” and “protection for your stuff” for when accidents happen. Both great things to have, but we built Onlia with a more proactive approach in mind.   


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There’s a very real connection between safety and insurance. It just requires thinking about insurance differently. In addition to helping people when rainy days happen, we want everyone working together to make sure it rains less altogether. 

Having safer roads and homes makes perfect sense from a consumer standpoint (fewer accidents = fewer claims = lower premiums), but it’s not just about dollars and cents. Onlia’s mission to make Canada a safer place runs deeper than its business goals. And as we developed, we figured it wasn’t only us who would be interested in driving change.

The thing about a movement, though, is that it’s more than any individual or group – it’s an idea, a conversation, and collective action. Onlia is proud to be a part of making Canada safer, but it’s the community at large that’s going the distance. Now that we’re up and running, we’re eager to see how far it’ll go.

That's our vision. We'd love to hear yours. Tweet us your dream of a safer Canada @OnliaCA #OnliaDreams


Onlia makes it easier to live safely, and rewards you along the way. Join us in making our roads and communities safer.