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Introducing Onlia Roadside Assistance

Meet Canada's first digital on-demand roadside assistance service.

by Team Onlia

With over 34M registered passenger vehicles in Canada, and over 294 billion KM driven annually, Canadian roads are a busy place. With so many Canadians constantly on the move, chances are at some point that you or a loved one may encounter a roadside emergency. When you have places to go and people to see, the last thing you want to worry about is being sidelined as a result of an emergency. Not to worry, we have you covered! Today we’re excited to introduce a new service, and another step in our mission to make Canada’s roads safer: Onlia Roadside Assistance, Canada’s first digital on-demand roadside assistance service.

Canadian drivers have a roadside emergency once every two years, on average – and pay anywhere upto $250 towards annual pre-paid membership fees for access to these services. These numbers simply don’t add up. That’s why we’re introducing a competitive digital solution for Canadians to access immediate roadside repair and towing with no membership, available everywhere in Canada, 24/7.

Stay safe. 24/7.

We know that emergencies don’t happen according to your schedule. That’s why Onlia provides you with access to repair and towing services – day or night. With over 400 trucks on the road, available 24/7, Onlia connects you with the help you need when you need it.

No Subscription. No Membership Fees.

At Onlia, we take safety to heart in all that we do and we don't believe you should need a subscription to access safety. That’s why we’ve made our roadside services open to all Canadians. Staying true to our no-strings-attached philosophy, any Canadian can access Onlia roadside assistance services without incurring expensive membership fees. No registration, no strings attached, just help when you need it with the subscription you don’t.


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5 Great Services. Low Flat Rates.

Roadside assistance shouldn’t be confusing, so we’ve made it simple. Onlia Roadside Assistance services are available with flat pricing across Canada, including: Flat Tire, Jump Start, Locked Out, Towing, and Fuel Services. With services starting at $79, you can get the help you need without the confusing price tag. Pay when you need it, don’t when you don’t. It’s as simple and easy as that.

3 Ways to Order. Short Wait Times.

Onlia roadside repair and towing services are available everywhere in Canada, 24/7 via the Onlia Sense App,, or by calling 1-888-456-6542. Our modern digital IVR will guide you through the process simply and quickly, connecting you with a repair or tow provider to a verified safe location. Onlia Roadside Assistance aspires to provide short wait times to get you back up and running, with an average of 30 minutes.

We’re very excited to introduce Onlia Roadside Assistance across Canada to empower Canadians to get the help they need, when they need it, all at their fingertips. Learn more about roadside assistance here and download the Onlia Sense safe driving app to have safety in your pocket on your next journey.

Stay safe,

Team Onlia


Just the help you need to get safely back on the road. Get 24/7 service with no membership.