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Onlias Finest Reward - Oct 2018

Be the best driver you can be to rank in the top 1% and be rewarded a $100 gift card.

by Team Onlia

If you’re reading this, chances are you may have heard about - or downloaded - the Onlia Sense safe driving app. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, you may want to give it a spin! The app provides you with opportunities to make trips with GPS navigation, score your trips based on 5 key driving factors, hone your driving using in-app insights, and earn rewards for being a safe driver.

One of our favourite features of the app is the ability to reward users for improving their driving. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a drive score improve, and we love acknowledging Onlia Sense users for their contribution to making Canada’s roads safer. Since the app’s soft launch 3 months ago, users have already earned 1.8K badges for completing safe driving challenges, and 54 perks! Congratulations are definitely in order.

Today, we want to shine the spotlight on our very first Onlia’s Finest Onlia Sense App user, Kris D. In order to become Onlia’s Finest, a user has to drive at least 30 trips and 300km, and score in the top 1% of Onlia Sense drivers for that current month. As you can see, it’s no easy feat! Kris is clearly a super star driver, so we asked him a few questions about his safe driving technique.


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Q: When you started using Onlia Sense, was there anything about your driving habits that surprised you?

A: Not really, although now my wife and I could finally have objective proof of who was the better driver.

Q: How did your drive score help you hone in on some parts of your driving that may need a little attention?

A: Speeding, not in town but on the highway, was the biggest issue. Usually I’m commuting in traffic so it’s not an issue, but on occasion when there’s room I now remember to dial it back.

Q: What was the biggest change you noticed when using Onlia Sense?

A: Acceleration and braking. When I was learning to drive my father taught me to focus on anticipating what the traffic or situation ahead was going to do and be prepared for it before you get there. With Onlia I find the acceleration and braking scores specifically help reinforce this notion of anticipating what’s about to happen up ahead

Q: Was it hard to change your driving behavior?

A: I actually found it fairly easy when I thought of it as challenge. I like the gamification of it, and having a drive score I'm trying to beat. That aspect made it quite easy.

Q: Do you have any tips for other Onlia Sense users?

A: Embrace the game aspect of it and recognize that a better score doesn’t mean a longer commute time. I spend a lot of time in traffic, commuting in and out of the city. When traffic starts to build you see a lot of erratic and aggressive driving start to happen. People weaving from one lane to another, speeding up rapidly only to break a ¼ mile down the highway when traffic bunches up again. So at the end of it, the bad driving puts you no further ahead. Pro tip -a high score also equals better gas mileage.

Thank you, Kris, and please join us in congratulating him on this safe driving achievement!

Think you can be the next Onlia’s Finest? Download Onlia Sense today, and tweet your drive score to @OnliaCA for tips on how to improve your driving.


Drive Safe,

Team Onlia


Onlia makes it easier to live safely, and rewards you along the way. Join us in making our roads and communities safer.