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Pool Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Pool for Your Home

We offer up some handy advice on key things to think about when buying a pool.

by Team Onlia

Nothing beats going for a dip in your swimming pool after a long, hard day. Whether you’re cooling off in the summer or entertaining a few friends, there’s something luxurious about having a swimming pool in your own backyard. From above ground pools to customized in-ground designs, the options are endless. But owning a pool is a big investment, so you’ll want to make sure it’s done right.

Here’s our guide on some key things to consider, including cost, design, and space requirements. So keep on reading before taking that plunge!

Understand the true cost of ownership

The cost of maintenance will go well beyond the pool’s original sticker price. Depending on the style, more elaborate models will require pricier upkeep. You could also see your property taxes go up after pool installation. Speak to an expert about the true cost of ownership before you commit. The good news is, that some housing markets value backyard pools – adding one to your home could actually increase its resale value!

Not a DIY project

All swimming pools should meet safety and quality standards. And unless you have the experience, only a professional can provide this kind of expertise.

For custom designs, find a pool builder who works with a variety of materials so you have options to choose from. Check out their portfolio beforehand to make sure their vision matches yours. And don’t be shy to ask for references! Swimming pools are a big commitment, so make sure you have the right people behind your project.

Licensing requirements

Most municipalities have strict rules when it comes to modifying your property. Check your local by-laws to see if a swimming pool will violate any codes. You may have more restrictions if you live near protected natural areas, like a ravine or waterway. It’s good to note that once your pool is in, you might be required to install a fence around it. To avoid penalties, obtain the proper licenses and understand the rules in your area before breaking ground.


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Protect your backyard

An inground liner pool requires a lot of excavation, which will mean a temporary upheaval of your landscape. Even above ground pools can ruin the grass underneath, so be prepared to protect your yard; fence off restricted areas, or lay down plywood to avoid equipment damage, and secure low-hanging power lines before the work begins. 

Choose the right shape

Curvier, freeform shapes are great for relaxation pools. But if you plan on swimming laps, a long, rectangular pool is best. 

The pool’s shape can also transform the overall aesthetic of your yard. A rounded pool, for example, looks great when combined with a squared-off home. This creates a nice contrast and allows for deck furniture where the corners would be.

Aim for seamless integration

A pool looks best when it blends in with the rest of your property. Otherwise, it can look awkward and become an eyesore. To avoid this, you may need to modify your pool’s surroundings. Additional water features and stone walkways can help with seamless integration.

Create a backyard paradise

Pool ownership isn’t just about swimming. It’s about creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your family. When buying a pool, imagine all that goes with it – some lush foliage to surround it, new outdoor furniture, or perhaps a deck. Adding a pool to your home can not only increase its value, but open up a whole new space for your family to make memories for years to come! 


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