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7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Educated and Entertained

Activities to educate your kids, and keep them busy at home.

Alex Kelly
by Alex Kelly

Entertaining kids around the house may feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re running low on ideas to keep them busy. With seemingly boundless energy, meaningful engagement for children is important – it keeps their brains active, and allows their parents to take a breath! Take a look at these fresh ideas to entertain and educate your kids.

1. Play outside 

Getting outdoors is always important, but think about mixing up your walks with a photo scavenger hunt. Highly adaptable to your neighbourhood, create a list of pictures your little photojournalist has to capture with a cellphone camera. A stick as long as their arm? Hugging a tree? A red car? A building with more than 10 storeys? Reward a successful scavenger hunt by printing out their favourite picture, or helping them email it to family and friends. 

2. Get active 

There isn’t much of a difference between your at-home bootcamp and a child’s gym class. Fire up a workout class and invite your kids to get active with you. Fitness streaming service, Peloton, has just launched a family program featuring fitness, brain breaks, and meditation geared towards kids.

3. Learn online 

Put screen time to good use, and check out educational apps available for your child’s age that cater to what they like. Whether on Apple’s iOS or in the Android store, there are apps for every subject. Chat with your child and figure out what they’re interested in. Science, tech, engineering, and math their speed? Try out the MarcoPolo World School. A budding botanist in the house? Have them identify neighbourhood blooms using PlantSnap.

4. Get them ready for the real world 

As an adult, you may have wished your school curriculum covered more personal finance than calculus. Help your kids round out their education with some practical money experience. Have them add up bills for a monthly total, walk through a balance statement, decipher sales tax, and explain how long-term saving works. 


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5. Make screen time more engaging

Netflix and Youtube aren’t typically synonymous with education, but you can easily turn a mindless documentary or show into an engaging activity. Select an age-appropriate documentary (we love the parental controls on streaming services for this), and create a list of elements for your child to look out for. If they’re working on counting, ask them to keep track of how many elephants are in the David Attenborough docuseries, Our Planet. Figuring out geography? Have them compare and contrast the differences between their home, and ones depicted in National Geographic for Kids.

6. Experiment in the kitchen

Have a budding chef on your hands? Cultivating your child’s culinary skills will not only educate them, but can feed you! Riff off of popular cooking shows, and have your kids create a masterpiece. The complexity of the dish will depend on their age (we suggest sharp and hot elements are left to responsible teenagers, with an adult nearby). Some time in the kitchen will teach them to read a recipe, measure ingredients, and plan their preparations. Bonus? Proud kids, prepped to feed the family!

7. Start a podcast together

Outsource storytime with a kid’s podcast. Designed to fascinate and entertain, the Story Pirates turns kid’s stories into sketch comedy. The Curious Kid podcast is hosted by six-year-old Olivia, taking children on informative journeys every week. For the kids with endless questions, the CBC’s Tai Asks Whyis their match, diving deep into answers with all types of experts.


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