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Drive change.

Onlia Sense challenges you to develop safer driving habits and rewards you along the way.

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Score your trips

Make trips and get scored on key driving factors like speed, cornering, and braking. 

Hone your driving

Use in-app insights to help develop your driving technique and stay safer on the road.

Earn rewards

Complete safe-driving challenges to earn vouchers for things you already buy.

Onlia Sense gives you smart insights into how safe you are on the road.
  • Performance scoring
    Onlia Sense analyzes your driving habits and scores you on factors like speed, braking, and cornering to help you hone your technique.
  • Navigation
    Reach your destination with GPS navigation that notifies you about school-zones, railway crossings, and speed limits. 
  • Badges
    We gamified safe driving. Unlock badges for completing challenges like staying distraction-free and driving perfectly.
  • Perks
    Safety is its own reward, but free stuff is nice too. Earning perks will net you vouchers for things you already buy.

Your questions, answered.

What is Onlia Sense?

Onlia Sense is a mobile app that rewards you for being a safe and distraction-free driver. It also provides GPS navigation to your destination.

Using telematics (tech that measures your speed and movement) Onlia Sense assesses your driving habits from a safety perspective. After each trip you take, you’ll see where you drove safely, and areas where you can improve.

For helping to make Canada’s roads safer, you can earn perks: deals and vouchers for stuff you use every day. It’s a win-win!

Which phones work with Onlia Sense?
Any phone running Android Marshmallow (OS 6.0 or higher), or iPhone (iOS10 or higher).
How do I get started?

Setting up the app can be done in just a few steps. Once you download the app:

  1. Create an Onlia Sense account and verify your email address.
  2. Follow the onscreen onboarding process.
  3. Accept the request to access location services and motion/fitness sensors on your phone and download your provincial map.
  4. Start driving! You can use the app for navigation (optional) and review your drive score and progress towards unlocking badges and perks. 
Do I need any additional hardware to use Onlia Sense?
Nope! All you need is the Onlia Sense app on your mobile device and a car.
What settings do I need to change on my phone?
Once you download Onlia Sense and create an account, you’ll be asked to enable location services (GPS) and motion/fitness detection. These allow the app to navigate and score your trips.
Why does the app request to always have my location?

We’re not spying on you! Pinky swear.

For the app to accurately detect and record your trips, it needs to access location, and how quickly your location changes. This will trigger the app to begin ‘recording’ your trip details.

If you choose to share the location only when running the app, the navigation features will still work – but the trip detection features won't work properly.  This could impact your ability to earn those sweet rewards.

Why do I need an account?
Having an Onlia Sense account allows your trip details to be stored on our servers rather than on your device, which reduces the amount of space the app takes up on your phone. Along with that, if you ever switch phones, you’ll still be able to access your profile and trip details.
Why do you need to know my personal information? (sex, age, postal code)
Have a bit more information helps us better understand the demographics of the incredible people who are using our app. This helps us to provide perks and rewards most relevant to users!
Why do I need to verify my account?

Our app is currently only designed for the Canadian market.  By confirming your email address and phone number, it helps us verify your eligibility for perks and rewards, and even more important: that you’re really you!

We will always keep your details and trip data secure, it’s a top priority for us.

What is my driving score based on?

Each trip you take is scored out of 100. Your score is based on how well you perform in these 5 categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Speed
  • Contextual

Using these factors, Onlia Sense determines how your driving behaviour decreases, or increases, the likelihood of getting into an accident while on the road. Simply put, the safer you drive, the higher your score is.

Acceleration, Braking and Cornering measure how smoothly you drive and steer during your trip.

Speed measures how well you stick to road speed limits. 

Contextual accounts for the risk of driving on a particular road type (urban street, rural road, highway) and being on the road during certain times of day. For example, it’s riskier to drive on a country road at night than it is to drive on a city street in the day. Here’s how we break it down:

  • Driving at night is riskier than driving during the day. It’s safest to drive in the morning (from 5am to 9am).
  • Daytime weekend driving (Saturday and Sunday) is generally safer than driving on a weekday.
  • Generally speaking, driving on major streets in an urban area during peak periods and at night is the deemed to be the highest risk.
  • Driving on a highway through a rural area during the day is generally the safest way to drive.

Along with these 5 factors, the app also monitors distracted driving which is defined as how long, and to what degree, your mobile phone is used while driving. Not touching your phone at all is considered a totally distraction-free trip. 

How do I see where my score took a hit during my trip?
From the Trips tab, select a trip to see the details of how and where your score was affected. You’ll see a map of where driving events occurred during your trip, and what the nature of the event was.
How can I increase my driving score?
Drive safe! You can boost your score by performing safer driving actions wherever possible, like applying your brakes earlier, taking turns smoothly, keeping your speed in check and staying distraction-free.
Do I need to have the app open all the time?

No. The app runs in the background while you use your phone. You don’t need to take any extra steps to get Onlia Sense to work.

You can enable push notifications and be notified when a trip starts, and when it ends / when the trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications and make sure that trip start and new score available are enabled.

What's the difference between my individual trip score and my monthly score?
Individual trip scores are used to determine your monthly drive score. Your monthly score is what’s used towards unlocking perks.
How does the app detect a trip?

With location services and motion/fitness detection enabled, Onlia Sense will automatically detect when you start and finish a trip.

You can enable push notifications and be notified when a trip starts, and when it ends / when the trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications and make sure that trip start and new score available are enabled.

What counts as a trip?

Any time you drive at least 0.5 km, the app will count it as a trip.  

Trip detection is based on changes to your location, speed, and motion. The app is calibrated to recognize patterns that are in line with trips in a car, so walking or running won’t trigger a trip.

Can I remove a trip where I was a passenger, not a driver?

Yes. If the app detects a trip where you were a passenger (either in a car or public transit), you’ll have the option to mark the trip as a passenger. You’ll be free to do this for up to 24 hours after the trip has ended. It won’t affect your drive score.

We’re working to improve our algorithms over time so that the app will learn your driving pattern, and automatically ignore trips that you make as a passenger.

To mark a trip as a passenger, go to Trip details and select the button at the bottom of the screen to set the trip as a passenger.

What do the drive score stars mean?

They’re just an easy way to group ranges of drive scores. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 5 stars – 90% - 100%
  • 4 stars – 80% - 89%
  • 3 stars – 70% - 79%
  • 2 stars – 50% - 69%
  • 1 star – <50%
What counts as distracted driving during a trip?

Distracted driving is detected when the app senses that the phone is being used for communication (like talking or texting). This is done by detecting movement of the phone.

When driving with Onlia Sense, we suggest keeping your phone in a car phone holder or in a secure place to get the most accurate trip assessment.

Will I be penalized for unsafe driving?

No! The whole point of Onlia Sense is to help people drive safer and reward them for doing so. We’re not interested in penalizing mistakes.

Just keep in mind that to unlock the best perks and badges, you need to drive safely and maintain a good drive score :)

The travel distance and duration recorded doesn't always match my actual trip. Why?

There are a few reasons this could happen.

Trip start detection may sometimes take some time to detect if GPS signal is weak or the driver starts a trip slowly. As a result, the actual travel distance and duration may not match the mapped route.

Additionally, some trips are reconstructed based on whether the start location is within 1 km of a previously taken trip end location. For example, when you pulled over for a minute to drop off a friend. In a scenario like this, the app will attempt to reconstruct the route to show where the trip actually started rather than when you started driving again.

If you notice anything that seems off, please let us know!

The app doesn't record all of my trips.

While this should not happen, we’ve heard this from a few of our users and are actively investigating. 

Here are some pro-tips that will help ensure more accurate trip recording: 

  1. Make sure that both ‘location services’ and ‘fitness and motion’ are enabled and set to ‘always on’.
  2. The battery needs to be sufficiently charged. If it get’s below 20%, trip recording is automatically disabled to save battery consumption. Most of our users find it helpful to charge the phone while they drive.
  3. Make sure that your phone is in a stable position (preferably in a phone holder), and in a position where it has strong/consistent reception (e.g. not in the glove box). 
  4. Don’t ‘kill’ the app after your trip.  Let it run in the background as it can sometimes take a bit of time to process the trip data. Terminating the app can interrupt this process and cause data to be lost. You can enable a push notification to get notified when your trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications and make sure that new score available is enabled.
  5. Sometimes the software on phones will automatically close apps to improve battery life. Make sure that the app is running in the background before you start your trip.

Still not working? Shoot us an email and we’ll work it out together.

The app tells me I was distracted, but I wasn't.

The app detects movement to the phone. Even if you weren’t using your phone, but it moved around while you were driving (say in the cup holder, or slid around on a seat), it’s likely the app may detect a ‘distraction’. 

Make sure your phone is in a stable position in your car, like in phone holder/mount. This should help.

The app said I was distracted after I finished my trip, what gives?

Your phone needs a little bit of time to recognize that the trip has indeed ended, and you’re not … sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic, or whatever (you know how unpredictable the roads can get!).

Want to be sure that the app has stopped recording? Enable push notifications and you’ll be notified when a trip starts and when it ends.

Go to Settings, select Push notifications and make sure trip start and new score available are enabled.

Why should I download a map?
Downloading a map of your region means you can use Onlia Sense’s navigation feature without using your precious, precious data. Maps are fairly large files to download, so it’s best to be on a Wi-Fi connection when you do.
Can I use navigation offline?
Yep, if you downloaded the map of your region.
How do I save frequent destinations?

You can save destinations you go to regularly by adding them as Favourites. To add a favourite:

  1. Search for and select your destination address.
  2. Swipe up on your destination and select Add to favourites.
  3. Give your Favourite a name.
  4. Select Save.

Alternatively, just select the heart icon to the right of the search to show your Favourites list. Then select the + to search for your destination’s address and select Add to favourites.

How can I change my default home/work address?


  1. Select the Drive tab.
  2. Click on the heart icon to see your Favourites.
  3. Swipe left on the home favourite to delete it. 
  4. Select Set home/work address to set it again. 


  1. Select the Drive tab.
  2. Click on the heart icon to see your Favourites.
  3. Hold the current home address until the edit screen pops up.
  4. You can either edit or clear it. 


How do I navigate to a favourite (previously saved) destination?
From the Drive search screen, select on the heart icon to open your Favourites. Select your destination from there.
Is there a way to switch off the navigation alerts?

Yup! Go to the Settings and click on Navigation alerts. Here you can select which notifications you want to receive.

We think some of them are helpful in our mission to keep Canadian roads safer (e.g. railway crossing, sharp curve and school zone) – so we’ve defaulted them all to ‘on’. 

If you want to keep the notifications, but mute audio, simply click on the three dots in the Drive tab.

I've noticed that I can't rotate my phone to use it in landscape mode.
Coming soon friends! Stay tuned!
Should I charge my phone while navigating?
Like most GPS navigation services, Onlia Sense’s navigation will use your battery pretty heavily due to the fact that it keeps your screen brightly lit and uses location services. We recommend you plug your phone to a charger before you start driving. As such, we recommend you charge your phone while navigating.
What are badges?
A badge is something you achieve for completing a set of tasks or challenges in Onlia Sense. It’s kind of our way of saying thanks for using the app and driving more safely.
What perks can I get?
Right now we’re offering Starbucks™ digital gift cards as perks for driving safe. We’ll be adding and changing perks over time to give drivers new ways to improve their driving and the safety of Canadian roads.
What do I need to do to earn a perk?

Every perk in Onlia Sense has criteria that, you need to meet to unlock it. To see what it takes to earn a particular perk, go to the Rewards tab and then select Perks from the control at the top. Tap the perk – and you’ll see what’s required to earn it.

Additionally, to qualify for any monthly perks you need to drive at least 300 km and make at least 30 trips in each month. We will also ask you to verify your phone number (one-time only) so we know you’re Canadian.

Where can I see the rewards that I've earned?

Go to the Rewards tab to see all available badges and perks. The ones you’ve earned will be highlighted.

You can opt in to receive a push notification every time you’ve earned any new badges or perks. Simply go to Settings and enable Push notifications.

How often do perks get issued?

Generally, perks are issued monthly. We’ll send you instructions on how to collect your perk (if you’ve earned any) in the first week of the following month. For example, if you earned a perk in June, we’ll email you in the beginning of July and let you know how to collect your perk.

Note: you need to verify your phone number to be eligible to receive perks.

I forgot my sign in details. What should I do?
From the sign in page, select Forgot password and enter your account email address. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
How do I change my personal information and account settings? (password, email address, etc.)

Select the My Account tab in the app (bottom left) and select your name. You can make changes to your details here.

Use the Settings tab (bottom right) to change navigation routing and push notification settings.

How do I delete my Onlia Sense account?
  1. Select the My Account tab in the app (bottom left) and select your name. 
  2. Select Delete account and enter your password. 
  3. Once your password is verified, your account will be deleted, and your trip data will be removed from our servers.
What settings do I need on my phone for the app to work?

Make sure that both location services and fitness and motion are enabled and set to always on. You can find this in your general phone settings.

You're good to go!

Help, the app is killing my battery!

10-4 everyone.  We’re aware of this problem and have our developers working on a solution.  

We appreciate your patience while we get there!

Note: due to the nature of the app it will always consume slightly more battery than apps that don’t use GPS. If you’re taking a longer trip, it might be a good idea to plug your phone into a charger before you hit the road. 

How are you using my data?

Your personal trip data is used strictly to assess your trips and generate your drive score. We won’t share, disclose or sell it to any third parties.

We do collect anonymous, aggregate data for statistical purposes that we may use to improve the functions of the app. We may also share this anonymous data in support of our safety mission – for example, how many distraction-free trips our app users have completed, or how many drivers have improved their driving habits with Onlia Sense. That kind of thing.

How do you protect my data?

Onlia follows the latest mobile security standards to keep your data encrypted between your device and our servers. All communication between your device and our services are encrypted using TLS v1.2.

We keep your data private, and do not share it with any third parties without your explicit consent. You can see the full scope of how your data is used and protected in our Privacy Notice.

What if my phone is lost/stolen?
We feel for you! If your phone is lost or stolen, you can access your account on a new device by downloading the app and signing in to your account. We recommend changing your password to keep your account secure.
I have feedback, or a question that isn’t answered here.

No problem. We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email using the Need help button.   

We encourage any and all feedback you have about your experience with Onlia Sense – it’s your ideas that will help us improve the experience for drivers. 

For tech issues or bug reporting, please include a brief description of what you experienced, along with the type of device you have. We appreciate your support!

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