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Drive-In to Win Tickets to Premier Drive-In Theatres Across Ontario

Onlia is giving away two theatre packages per week all summer across Ontario. See how you can enter to win.

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by Team Onlia
Toronto, July 6, 2021 - Drive-ins are surging in popularity, and for good reason. Aside from being the most COVID-responsible way to catch a flick, it's a fun and different way to spend time with friends, family or that special someone this summer.

Onlia, a digital provider of home and auto insurance, has picked up on this phenomenon and made it a central part of their summer programming with the launch of Drive-In To Win.

"Auto insurance has always been a passport to freedom. That takes on new meaning this year," said Julia Stein, Digital PR Lead at Onlia. "After so much time shuttered inside, enjoying a movie in the safety of your car is a great way to spend a summer night."

Onlia will award two Ontarian entrants per week with tickets to a Premier theatre in London, Barrie, Newmarket, Hamilton or Oakville. Interested consumers can enter here. No purchase is required to enter and entries per person are limitless.

Onlia cut a summer version of their Safety Obsessed commercials which will run during the Premier Drive-In's pre-show program.

Onlia's Drive-In To Win contest is live as of today.



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