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30-40 characters
Subhead expanding on headline content should be 100 characters maximum. Shoot for less.
Snappy H2, 40 characters maximum
This body content goes beyond the one-liner to explain the specifics of the offer featured in the campaign. While components below may reuse standard content like RTBs or testimonials, this section is unique to the campaign and delivers messaging that speaks to the intended audience.

While this is paragraph content, it should be concise; between one and three paragraphs, and no more than 100 words. Finish with a strong value proposition and call to action. 
Short H2, <25 characters
Some subtitle text here, which can be added optionally.
Couple smiling on a tablet.
First RTB
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Couple smiling on a tablet.
Second RTB
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Couple smiling on a tablet.
Third RTB
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