Get Rewarded for Safe Driving | Onlia Sense Mobile App

Drive safe. Earn rewards.
Onlia Sense challenges you to drive safely and rewards you along the way.
Get rewarded for safe, distraction-free driving
Onlia Sense gives you a fun way to hone your driving skills and avoid using your phone.
Score your driving
Onlia Sense uses your phone's sensors to score you on driving skills like speed and cornering.
Rank up
Complete challenges, earn points, and see how you rank against other drivers across Canada.
Earn rewards
Get rewarded for your safe driving with gift cards and cashback every month.
Safe driving comes with perks
Road safety is its own reward, but free stuff is nice too.
Ultimate Dining Card
All drivers can complete challenges to earn Ultimate Dining Card rewards every month.
Have Onlia car insurance? Earn up to $40 in monthly cashback just for driving safely.
Explore rewards
Compete and rank up
See how you stack up against drivers across Canada, or create your own leaderboard to compete with friends and family.
We're safety obsessed
Join thousands of drivers across the country in making our roads safer for everyone who shares them.

58k +

People committed to driving safer.

259k +

Safe-driving challenges completed.

2.9m +

Distraction-free trips made.

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