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Together we can help make Canada’s roads safer for everyone.
Engage with a growing community of likeminded drivers

Onlia Sense coaches good driving habits and rewards progress made.

Partnering with us positions your business to offer brand-tailored offers to drivers who commit to driving safely and engage with your products and services.

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In-app integration
Users seamlessly connect with your brand through the Onlia Sense app.
Fast-growing community
Introduce your brand to thousands of drivers using Onlia Sense across Canada.
Collaborative execution
We’ll bring your unique offers and engagement ideas to life.
Make an impact
Give back to your communities and be part of the safety movement.
It’s time we do better
Communities across Canada are calling for better road safety.


Person is injured due to distracted-driving every half hour in


Canada’s ranking in highest number of road deaths per year among developed nations.


Number of Canadians killed every year in collisions. 165,000 are injured.
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Join us in making Canada safer

Partner with Onlia Sense and be part of the movement for safer roads.

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