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Onlia Insurance™ App Reward Rules

1. Eligibility

Void where prohibited by law. These rewards are provided by Onlia Services Inc. (“OSI”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Onlia”) to Eligible Participants. An “Eligible Participant” means an individual driver of a vehicle who: (i) is a resident of a province or territory of Canada except Quebec; (ii) is at least 16 years of age, (iii) holds a valid driver’s licence, (iv) has downloaded and activated the App on their smartphone, (v) and has verified their email address and/or telephone number. No purchase is necessary for base Rewards. Void where prohibited by law.

2. How to enter

Receipt of badges and rewards is available to Eligible Participants only who have downloaded and activated the App and use the App continuously while driving during each contest period (as defined below). By downloading, activating and using the App, each eligible participant agrees to comply with the Conditions of Use of the App and these Reward Rules.

3. Badges and Rewards

Badges and Rewards are awarded to Eligible Participants who successfully meet the qualification criteria below.

A Badge is a reward that has no monetary value. Its sole purpose is to congratulate Eligible Participants for achieving a goal as more particularly described below. An Eligible Participant may earn each Badge only once.

A Reward has an intrinsic value (e.g. an Ultimate Dining Card) or an actual dollar amount (Cashback), awarded to Eligible Participants who successfully meet the qualification criteria described below.

Badge levels

Most badges have 4 levels: Basic (Unlocked), Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level has increasingly challenging criteria to meet in order to reach it.

For example, achieving the Bronze level of the Milestone badge requires completing 100 trips and driving over 1,500 km. To reach gold, you need 500 trips and over 10,000 km driven.

Every time you unlock a new badge, or reach the next level of a badge you already have, you’ll earn points. These points are used towards your leaderboard ranking — the more points you earn, the higher your rank.

Onlia Insurance™ app Rewards

Rewards provided by the Onlia Insurance™ app are rewards which have intrinsic values (e.g. an Ultimate Dining Card).


1. Be a Canadian resident
2. Have an active Onlia car insurance policy connected to your account
3. Meet the additional qualification criteria as set out for each reward below:

Reward Criteria Reward Frequency
Everyday Driving
  • Unlock all Everyday Driving badges
$5 Ultimate Dining Card One-time
Monthly challenge
  • Unique every month
$10 Ultimate Dining Card Monthly
Top 10 Driver
  • Rank in the Top 10 in this month’s Onlia Insurance leaderboard

First place: $100 Ultimate Dining Card

Second place: $50 Ultimate Dining Card

Third place: $20 Ultimate Dining Card

Fourth to tenth place: $10 Ultimate Dining Card


*Reward names may change without notice

Onlia Insurance Cashback Reward

Onlia Insurance Cashback Reward is a monetary reward program provided by our partner Onlia Insurance. Drivers of an insured vehicle with Onlia Insurance have the chance to earn a monthly cash reward based on their drive score. An Onlia auto policy can only be connected with one Onlia Insurance App account. The insurance customer needs to be in good standing to continue to be eligible for Cashback rewards.

Users with a linked active auto policy and who completed the monthly trips and distance requirements will guarantee a minimum of $5 and up to $50 cashback per month. ($60-$600 per year).


1. Be a Canadian resident
2. Connect your Onlia Insurance™ app account with an active Onlia auto policy
3. Be the driver of a vehicle insured with Onlia for a full calendar month
4. Drive at least 10 trips and 200 km in the month
5. Meet additional qualification criteria as set out for each reward below:

Reward Criteria Reward Frequency

  • Achieve a 1-2 star rating
  • 1-2 star driver: $5
  • 3-star driver: $10
  • 4-star driver: $40
  • 5-star driver: $50


Badges and rewards may change over time to give Eligible Participants new incentives to improve their driving behaviour and the safety of the Canadian roads — they may not be updated in these Reward Rules due to the temporary nature or time of release. Monthly Rewards are subject to a one per month limit.

Trip detection with the App happens automatically as soon as an Eligible Participant registers and enables sharing location services and motion/fitness tracking from his/her mobile phone with the App. The App will automatically detect the beginning and the end of a trip as long as the App is running either in the foreground or background of your phone based on changes to your location, speed and motion that’s in-line with how a car moves. Walking or running will not trigger a trip.

Since the App has no connection to the car that an Eligible Participant may be driving, it is possible that a trip could be detected when an Eligible Participant is a passenger (either in a car or public transit). In this case an Eligible Participant has the option to mark the trip as a passenger trip. This can be done up to 24 hours after the trip has ended. Marking a trip as a passenger means it will be removed from the Eligible Participant’s trip list and will not affect his/her drive score. To mark a trip as a passenger, an Eligible Participant must go to Trip Details and tap the button at the bottom of the screen to set the trip as a passenger. After 24 hours have passed, this option will be removed, and the trip will remain in the Eligible Participant’s trip list.

The app also has the option to stop automatic trip recording if an Eligible Participant may wish to not record a certain trip or number of trips. Disengaging automatic trip recording for one or more trips means those trips will not be registered and therefore will not be used in driving scoring, rewards or badges. It will not affect his/her drive score.

To stop automatic trip recording, an Eligible Participant must go to settings and slide the button ‘automatic trip recording’. In order to activate again one must slide back again.

Note: We do our best to provide a high-quality performance of trip detection however there may be technical reasons such as network, telematics or hardware related issues which may cause trips not to record, deviation in routing or scoring that We shall not be held responsible for. Please also read our Conditions of Use for more specifics.

4. Regional Distribution of Badges and Rewards.

Badges and Rewards are available in Canada — with the exception of Quebec — and are not subject to regional distribution and limitations.

5. Contest Period

Badges and one-time rewards will be awarded automatically upon meeting the respective eligibility criteria.

Monthly rewards and Cashback will be awarded once per month on the 1st day of the following month with the App automatically calculating and assigning the rewards at the end of the 1st calendar day at approximately 11:59 PM ET of the following month. For example, January rewards will be calculated on February 1st at 11:59 PM ET.

An email notification with info on how to claim the reward will be sent to Eligible Participants who are determined to have met the criteria for a monthly reward.

Cashback rewards will be paid out via Interac e-Transfer®. Eligible Participants need to go to the “Earned” tab in the app, click the “Redeem” button to start the redemption process with 10 calendar days after they received the email notification. The reward will be expired after that. Eligible Participants should receive an Interac e-Transfer® within 24 hours after redemption. They will need to use the security answer provided in the app to deposit the funds, if they have not set up Autodeposit. They have 30 days to complete the deposit process. The Onlia Insurance app is not responsible for late redemption or any issue occurred during the Interac e-Transfer® process.

6. Chances of Winning

An Eligible Participant’s chances of winning Badges and Rewards depend on the consistent use of the App, the Eligible Participant’s individual driving skills, compliance with the rules of the road, undistracted driving, number of trips and distance travelled in each Contest Period. Technical reasons may have influence on the outcomes. We may not be held responsible for these occurrences.

If an Eligible Participant uses fraudulent methods to achieve a drive score or meeting the criteria, or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules in meeting the criteria, your participation and eligibility may be removed at the sole discretion of Onlia.

7. Winner Selection and Qualification

The minimum eligibility criteria to unlock Rewards is subject to change month over month and will be clearly shown to users in the App at the beginning of each month. Once the criteria are defined at the beginning of a given month, it will not be changed for the duration of that month.

The algorithm for determining the monthly aggregate score (including sub-factors), a trip score or an individual trip factor score is based on a proprietary formula developed by Onlia and our partners. Onlia, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify this algorithm periodically. The algorithm for determining the monthly or trip score will not change within a given month so that the eligibility to earn Rewards will not be modified within the earning period.

Each trip can have a maximum score of 100 drive score. An Eligible Participant’s drive score is based on how well he/she performs in these 6 categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Speed
  • Focus
  • Contextual

Acceleration, Braking and Cornering measure how smoothly you drive and steer during your trip. Speed measures how well you stick to road speed limits. Focus measures your level of undistracted driving during your trip: you are scored on how long, and to what degree, your mobile phone is used while driving. Not touching your phone at all is considered a totally distraction-free trip. Contextual accounts for the risk of driving on a particular road type (urban street, rural road, highway) and being on the road during certain times of day. For example, it’s riskier to drive on a country road at night than it is to drive on a city street in the day.

Here’s how we break it down:

  • Driving at night is riskier than driving during the day. It’s safest to drive in the morning (from 5am to 9am).
  • Daytime weekend driving (Saturday and Sunday) is generally safer than driving on a weekday.
  • Driving on major streets in an urban area during peak periods and at night is the deemed to be the highest risk.
  • Driving on a highway through a rural area during the day is generally the safest way to drive.

Using these factors, the App determines whether an Eligible Participant’s driving behaviour decreases or increases the likelihood of getting into an accident while on the road. Simply put, the safer an Eligible Participant drives, the higher his/her drive score will be. In addition to using a score out of 100, Onlia uses stars to make it easy to group ranges of drive scores. Following is the breakdown of how the number of stars maps to a drive score:

  • 1 star: 0 — 70
  • 2 stars: 71 — 85
  • 3 stars: 86 — 94
  • 4 stars: 95 — 98
  • 5 stars: 99 — 100

The App will penalize the eligible participant with point deductions for each violation event detected during a trip. You can boost your score by performing safer driving actions wherever possible, like applying your brakes earlier, taking turns smoothly, keeping your speed in check and staying distraction-free.

Each individual trip drive score is used to determine your monthly drive score. Your monthly score is calculated at the beginning of each month based on aggregating all the trip data for the calendar month. The monthly drive score is used towards unlocking and ultimately earning Rewards since it is a more accurate reflection of driving behaviour over a set period of time than an individual trip.

Note: The App uses a certain amount of power from the smartphone battery. Care should be taken in ensuring the smartphone is charged and turned on when driving to record the Collected Data for participation in the Reward Program. The App may require periodic updates and each User agrees that updating the App from time to time is their responsibility. The location services (GPS) should be on at all times to provide for accurate Collected Data.

We do our best to provide a high-quality performance of trip detection however there may be technical reasons such as network, telematics or hardware related issues which may cause trips not to record, deviation in routing or scoring that We shall not be held responsible for.

8. How the leaderboard works

The leaderboard is a monthly ranking of Onlia Insurance™ app drivers – a little friendly competition to reveal Canada’s safest drivers!

Your rank is determined by how many points you have this month. Points are collected by earning badges, completing distraction-free trips, and maintaining a high overall Drivescore.

Here’s the specific formula: Total points = Drivescore x 100 + Badge points + Undistracted trip bonuses (which is 10% of the trip score to a maximum of 50 trips a month).

At the end of the month, results are announced and the leaderboard resets.

9. General Terms and Conditions

From any and all liability for any injuries, loss, or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with the Game, or the use or acceptance of any Reward or Badge. “Game Entities” applicable to the use of the App as well as by the algorithm that assigns the Badges and Rewards the determination of which are final on all matters pertaining to the Game’s Rewards and Badges. This Game is governed by the federal laws of Canada. All federal and local laws and regulations apply. By entering the Game, Eligible Participants release and hold harmless Onlia and its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, and employees (collectively, Conditions of Use Eligible Participants agree to abide by the terms of these Reward Rules and by the App).

Badges can be earned only once by each eligible participant. Rewards are subject to a one time or monthly limit as specified above.

10. Limitations of Liability

We provide the App as part of a mission to make Canada’s roads safer and trust our users to conduct themselves with integrity with their usage. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to forego or retract payment of rewards if there is an indication of, or fraudulent use or misuse of the App

Score methodology and rules may change as we constantly try to improve the driving behaviour telematics, trip detection sensitivity and/or underlying model. We can do so without consent.

If, for any reason, the Game is not capable of running as planned, Onlia reserves the right at their sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Game. Except as expressly warranted herein, the Rewards and Badges are provided to winners as is without further warranty of any kind.


[i] Should you not complete the requisite trips or distance within the calendar month, you cannot carry totals forward and must restart from zero. Should you join mid-month you still must meet the total requisite trips and distance for the month and not simply on a pro rata basis.
[ii] Same as above.
[iii] Same as above.

Date created: December 10, 2018
Effective date: February 22, 2021
Last updated: April 1, 2023