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Onlia Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance. On demand.

Get immediate roadside repair and towing with no membership. Available everywhere in Canada, 24/7.

Just the help you need – without the membership you don't.
Get on-demand roadside assistance at a flat rate. No membership or sign-up, just straightforward help to get you back on the road safely.
Tire change
Locked out
Jump start
Fuel delivery

including 10L of gas.

Tow service

to a location you choose.

From $99

Get help now

How it works
Order with your phone and we’ll send a licensed service professional ASAP.
Call us directly through Onlia Sense. We’ll text you a link to get started.
Tell us the problem
Choose the service you need and plug in a few details about your car.
Help will come right away
We’ll dispatch the right service professional to your location.
We’re partnered with the Sykes Assistance Services network, a trusted leader in roadside assistance throughout Canada.
Trained service professionals available 24/7.
Flat rates – no membership fees or sign-up needed.
Canada-wide service for any standard passenger vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

We can help if you've been locked out, need a tire change, jump start, fuel delivery, or a tow, or have been locked out. Learn more here.

We provide roadside assistance 24/7 every day of the year. During severe weather conditions or other situations where service demands are higher, you may experience longer wait times than usual. In extreme weather conditions, we may be forced to delay service until it's safe to dispatch our service providers.

Yes. Onlia Roadside Assistance is available in all Canadian provinces and territories.

No, Onlia Roadside Assistance operates in Canada only. If you’re in the US and need roadside help, call a local roadside assistance provider or local law enforcement.

We provide roadside assistance to all standard passenger vehicles, to a maximum weight of 8,000 lbs / 3,000 kg.

Sorry, we’re not currently providing roadside services to motorcycles.

Onlia Roadside Assistance provides non-emergency services. If you’re in a collision with another vehicle or have an emergency, call 911.

If you need a tow following a collision with another vehicle, contact your insurance provider.

We do not provide snow removal services.

If your vehicle needs servicing in snowy conditions, please make sure there’s a clear path for us to reach you. We won’t be able to provide service if it’s impossible/unsafe to drive to you.

If you have the Onlia Sense app, you can use it to access Onlia Roadside Assistance.

You can pay using your credit card: Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Once you order your service and a service professional is dispatched to you, you’ll be connected with a customer service agent who will ask you for payment information.

If you need additional services (e.g. your vehicle ends up needing a tow), you can call us back for payment.

In most cases we’ll be able to use your phone’s GPS to get your location, meaning our service professionals will know exactly where to find you. But GPS doesn’t always work perfectly, especially if you’ve got a poor signal or are in a rural area. You have the option to mark your location manually in these situations.

With Privacy Mode turned off, we can use your phone’s GPS to pinpoint your location. This allows our service professionals to get to you faster.

You can turn off Privacy Mode through your phone’s settings menu.

Once we’ve dispatched a service professional to you, we’ll let you know their name and estimated time of arrival. Wait time is typically 10 to 45 minutes. We can also send you this info in a text message – just ask!

Yes. If your service professional is delayed, we’ll call or text you to let you know, and provide a new ETA.

Yes please. We can’t provide service if your vehicle is unattended.

For our service professional’s safety (they’ll be driving, after all), we’d prefer you contact us at 1-888-456-6542 with any questions or updates you have. We’ll pass along any relevant information.

Please call us at 1-888-456-6542 and let us know. We’ll do our best to make things right.



By using this service, I accept the Onlia Roadside Assistance Conditions of use.