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Keep your family safe with a free home checkup
Bundle home & auto insurance with Onlia, and get a free Setter Home Safety Checkup to de-risk your home.
Owning a home can be overwhelming. Onlia helps you protect it.
With Onlia insurance, your safety comes first. That's why we're offering our home & auto bundle customers a free Home Safety Checkup courtesy of the home management experts at Setter*.

This virtual experience is available to help you identify and mitigate risks to keep your home and family protected. Tour your home on a video call with a Home Expert where they’ll create a personalized plan of recommendations to help you de-risk your home.

Get started with an Onlia insurance quote and receive a 10% discount on auto, and 20% on home. After you bundle, you'll receive an invite for your free checkup.
How the checkup works
Pick a time
After you bundle home & auto insurance with Onlia, book a time and day that works with your busy schedule.
Conduct the checkup
Jump on a video call from home with a Setter Home Expert. They’ll tour your space with you to identify any fire, water, or other risks.
Personalize your plan
Receive a customized plan for your home that simplifies your home life. You’ll receive best practices and helpful tips to prolong the life of your home.
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Frequently asked questions

Onlia makes it easier for you to live safely, and rewards you along the way. We offer car and home insurance, and the Onlia SenseTM mobile app, which coaches and rewards you for safe driving.

Learn more about us.

Onlia makes car and home insurance simple and easy. It's all-online, meaning you can get a quote and buy insurance directly in just a few steps. No brokers, phone calls, or paperwork required. 

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We built an online insurance platform from the ground up to make it easy for you to buy car and home insurance directly online. No waiting, no paperwork, and no phone calls required.

Even though we're online, we're not robots. There's a caring team to help you when you need us, whether it's guiding you through a claim, or helping you with a question about your policy.

Learn more about our insurance if you like what you see, we hope you give us a try! We're sure you'll love it here – but if you don't, you can cancel anytime with no fees and no strings attached.

Onlia Sense is a mobile app for iOS and Android that rewards you for being a safe driver. Using your phone's GPS and motion sensors, the app assesses your driving and scores you on key factors of safe and defensive driving.

By driving safely and completing unique challenges, you can earn rewards like gift cards and cashback on services you're already using.

Onlia Sense is for all drivers. You don't need Onlia insurance to use it. If you are an Onlia insurance customer, there is no connection whatsoever to your insurance rate or premium.

Onlia Roadside Assistance provides on-demand repair and towing services if you have car trouble. Just let us know you need help and we’ll send a trusted service professional right away.

Before you call us, make sure you’re in a safe place. If you were in a collision or have an emergency, call 911.

We may be new, but our partners have been established for a very long time. Onlia is backed by Achmea and Fairfax Financial, two industry titans with over $200 billion in assets and centuries of experience

Keep what you love safe with Onlia insurance.