About us

How Onlia makes it easier to protect what matters

Simple, convenient, affordable car and home insurance protection. That's our mission. Here's how we pursue it.
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We’re a proudly Canadian direct insurance provider

Onlia is based out of Toronto, Ontario, offering car and home insurance directly to consumers across the province. Our team reflects the rich and diverse communities in which we serve. When you choose Onlia, you're choosing Canadian.

Why buy direct?

You can buy insurance directly from us online, without brokers, sales teams, or paperwork. Less overhead means we can provide insurance at a lower cost to you. 

Your policy is secure

Onlia is fully supported with licensed agents and claims adjusters. Policies are underwritten by Verassure Insurance Company (see OSFI licence), as part of the Fairfax Financial group of insurance companies.

Meet our founders

Meet our founders

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited

One of the strongest and most reputable Canadian-based financial holdings companies out there, Fairfax Financial brings to Onlia a decades-long background in insurance and investment management.

Achmea Canada Holding Inc.

Achmea broke ground over 200 years ago as a community cooperative in the Netherlands. They’re now a global leader in smart insurance technology, and carry that same innovative, people-first spirit to Onlia as a founding partner.

Why choose Onlia? 

Why choose Onlia? 

Next-generation tech

Welcome to insurance made easy. Buy and change your coverage online anytime. No brokers or paperwork required.

Better protection

Our mission is to protect you with strong, affordable insurance. Our standard policies provide increased coverage that go well beyond provincial minimums.

Caring service

Online everything is nice, but you’ve got a compassionate team of humans ready 24/7 when you need help getting life back to normal.

Rewarding safety

Prevention can be the best protection. Drive safely and Onlia will reward you with discounts, gift cards, and cashback.

Our history. The short version.


Insurance is what we do. Keeping you safe is why.

Onlia was founded with the belief that Canadians deserve a better level of safety, especially when they're inside a car. And while we're always there for you when bad days happen, we also want to help prevent bad days from happening at all.

Onlia SenseTM: rewarding safe driving

How do you help improve road safety across an entire country? We think the best way is to reward and motivate drivers to develop safer habits. That's why we built the Onlia SenseTM app. With it, you can earn rewards for safe, distraction-free driving month after month. Available to everyone across Canada, you can use Onlia SenseTM whether you have insurance with Onlia or not. Learn more about the app.

Our values keep us on the right track

Lift each other up

Lifting someone up means valuing their experience, their perspective, and their growth. Whether you join Onlia as a customer or a team member, you're welcomed into a culture of respect and shared leadership. We bring that forward to how we listen, improve, and treat one another. It’s not just the right thing to do – it’s the best way to succeed.

Put our customers first

Customer-centricity – big word, basic idea. It means putting the people you help first. We may offer insurance digitally, but behind it all is a caring team of humans who will always be there when you need help. From what we build to the way we serve, our customers are at the centre of it all.

Keep it simple

Simple is better. Simple is clear, friendly, and convenient. Making insurance simple drives our decision-making every step of the way, whether we're helping you get the right kind of coverage, or helping you get life back to normal if something ever happens.

Live transparently

Our priority is to make your relationship with insurance a positive one. And like any good relationship, honesty and openness is at the core. We’re committed to removing the mystery around insurance so that you can make informed decisions about it. And we do this by being transparent in our policies, pricing, and communication.

Onlia's group insurance partners

We partner with great companies to offer additional benefits to their members. Want to know more about teaming up with Onlia as a group partner? Email us.