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Clarity makes
insurance easy

Everything about Onlia is quick and simple:

Our mission

To bring clarity, simplicity and utility to auto and home insurance. Because Canadians want great coverage without complication — and no matter what turns life takes, to feel supported along the way.

It’s simple & clear

Easy to understand coverage and direct access to manage your insurance online, on your time.

Proudly Canadian

Friendly. Easy. Dependable. Diverse.

We’re driven by values that define our country and we work hard to demonstrate them to customers, employees, partners, investors and across the communities we serve.

As an Achmea/Fairfax Financial joint venture, we have the resources to keep addressing the lack of transparency in Ontario’s insurance market to make things clearer for Canadians.

Safe & secure

Policies are underwritten by Verassure Insurance Company as part of the Achmea & Fairfax Financial group of insurance companies.

Our working principles

Lift each other up

Lifting someone up means valuing their experience, their perspective, and their growth. Whether you join Onlia as a customer or a team member, you're welcomed into a culture of respect and shared leadership. We bring that forward to how we listen, improve, and treat one another. It’s not just the right thing to do – it’s the best way to succeed.

Live transparently

Our priority is to make your relationship with insurance a positive one. And like any good relationship, honesty and openness is at the core. We’re committed to bringing clarity to insurance. And we do this by being transparent in our policies, pricing, and communication. We remove the mystery around insurance so you can make informed decisions.

Keep it simple

Is it easy?” This question drives our decision-making every step of the way, whether it’s how to get Onlia coverage, how to apply Onlia savings or how to connect with an Onlia claims agent if something ever happens.

Put customers first

Customer-centricity – big word, basic idea. It means putting the people you help first. We may offer insurance digitally, but behind it all is a caring team of humans who will always be there when you need help. From what we build to the way we serve, our customers are at the centre of it all.

Buy insurance online securely

Rest assured that your personal and payment information is stored safely when you buy online. Onlia is proud to be SOC 2* certified, protecting customers in more ways than one.

*SOC 2 is a voluntary certification that specifies how customer data collected by service providers should be protected from unauthorized access and security incidents.