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Insurance made easy

Get protection for your car and home online in a few easy steps. Onlia’s premium coverage starts at reasonable prices, and we’re here when you need us with 24/7 customer support.

Premium coverage

You’ll always get more than baseline coverage with Onlia’s standard policies. Upgrade your coverage and add extras for more protection.

All online

Get a quote, buy, and manage your policy all online. No phone calls or paperwork required — ever.


You’re in the driver’s seat at Onlia. Adjust coverage, add or remove vehicles or drivers online, anytime.

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Eligible discounts for car, home, tenant, and condo insurance are automatically applied at checkout.

24/7 claims support

We’re always here when you need us the most. Our caring team is happy to guide you through every step.

Flexible policies

Insurance should be able to keep up with whatever life throws your way. With no contracts or fixed terms, Onlia’s policies can roll with life’s changes.

Insurance at your fingertips

Want to save time and money on car and home insurance? Start today with Onlia’s flexible all-online policies, caring 24/7 claims service, and premium coverages at affordable prices. Get more from your insurance premium when you bundle.


Complete coverage
Ticket and accident forgiveness is standard for eligible drivers. 
Over $500* in safe-driving discounts
Get extra discounts and rewards for driving safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app.
Policies made for you
Customize your coverage and manage your policy online.
Save 15%
Bundle your car and home insurance to save big.


Save 20%
Bundle your car and home insurance to save even more.
Flexible policies
Manage your insurance online, anytime.
Protect your home and belongings
Our standard policies include premium coverages like Flood and Water Damage, Home Sharing, and more.

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