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No two homes are alike which means your homeowners insurance should be unique, too. Onlia’s made it easy to get the coverage you need to protect your sanctuary and everything in it. With flexible policies, premium coverage and 24/7 support you can count on, we have all the tools to build a policy just for you.
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Protection for your home and what’s inside

Onlia’s simplified home insurance – all policies include premium protection at reasonable rates. Plus, we’ve made it easy to change the level of your coverage based on your needs.
Get a quote in under five minutes and see if Onlia's home insurance is right for you.
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Home coverage that keeps you protected

Fire damage

Fire and smoke are common culprits of property damage. If they occur, we’ll make sure it’s repaired or replaced.

Flood and water damage

Comprehensive overland water protection, covering flooding and sewer backup.

Theft and break-ins

Coverage for your belongings, like appliances, electronics, and furniture if they’re stolen or damaged at home or someplace else.

High-value items

Want more protection for valuables like bicycles, jewellery, or artwork? We cover up to $10,000.

Frozen pipes

We’ll cover damage to your pipes if they freeze during colder months (as long as your home is occupied).

Lightning, hail, and windstorms

Extreme weather can hit hard. No matter what kind of storm rolls in, you’re protected.

Emergency accommodations

We cover accommodation and living expenses for you and your family if something happens to your home that makes it unfit to live in.

Personal liability coverage

Legal protection if you’re sued due to someone else's injury or property damage, even if it happens in another country.

Home sharing

Occasionally rent out your place through Airbnb or another home-share service? We’ll cover your property.

Identity theft

If you or someone in your household is a victim of identity theft, we’ll help you through the recovery process.

Start a quote to see more details about Onlia's coverage and how it protects you. Or, check out a sample home policy.

How home insurance works

How home insurance works

How does it help me?

You get financial protection if your house or the things you own are damaged or stolen. From fire and water damage to theft and break-ins, home insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your property so that you don’t have to.

Do I need homeowner insurance?

If you’re taking out a mortgage to buy a home, you’ll need home insurance. Banks and mortgage lenders in Ontario require that you have insurance before approving a mortgage loan.

How much coverage do I need?

Onlia uses the value of your home as the basis for your level of coverage. But it’s a good idea to do an inventory of your belongings and adjusting your level of protection as needed.

Does home insurance only cover my property?

Home insurance also provides personal liability protection if someone is hurt in your home and decides to sue you, or if you unintentionally hurt someone or damage their property.


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Insurance made easy

Onlia's home insurance has you covered for the unexpected – like floods and break-ins.
Plus, when you bundle with your car, you can save even more.


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Our rates are competitive – but who doesn’t want cheaper insurance? Our premium discounts are automatically applied before you checkout.

Here when you need us

24/7 home claims service

The insurance may be online, but there’s a team of humans ready to help when you need it. We’ll guide you through every step of a claim and make sure you get the coverage available in your policy. We’ll also arrange for any repair services or alternate accommodations you need.