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Protect your home and your family
Onlia homeowner's insurance makes it easy to protect what matters. Quote and buy online, and save 20% when you bundle car & home.
Own your home? Onlia helps keep it safe and sound.
We protect your home
We’ll cover just about any type of damage to your house and surrounding structures (like your fence or garage).
We protect your stuff
From theft and break-ins to fire and flooding, we'll replace your things if they're stolen or damaged at home, or anywhere else.
Here when you need us
What good is insurance without great service behind it? For claims big and small, our caring team is here every step of the way.
Insurance as easy as 1-2-3

Tell us about your home

Provide a few details about your house and get a quote in minutes.
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Choose your coverage

We’ll build you a customizable policy and apply eligible discounts automatically.
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Buy on the spot and you're done

Pay online and get covered as early as tomorrow. No paperwork or phone calls needed.
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Home insurance that covers your bases
Onlia homeowner insurance is loaded with premium coverage and benefits at no added cost.

Home and Detached Structures 

Your home is more than just your house. We also cover other structures on your property (like your garage, pool, etc.)

Personal Property

Covers your common items and valuables if they’re stolen or damaged inside your home, or someplace else.

Additional Living Expenses

If something happens to your home that makes it unlivable, we’ll cover accommodations for you and your family.

Personal Liability

Legal protection in case you're sued over someone else's injury or property damage.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

If your home is damaged or destroyed, we'll pay to repair or replace it even if the cost exceeds its estimated value.

Flood and Sewer Backup

Comprehensive overland water insurance for qualifying homes. Covers flooding, torrential downpours, and backed-up sewers.

Home Sharing

Occasionally rent out your home through Airbnb or another sharing service? We’ll cover your property.

Identity Theft

If you or someone in your household is a victim of identity theft, we’ll help you through the recovery process.

Save with discounts
There are plenty of ways to save big on homeowner insurance. Eligible discounts are applied to your quote automatically.

Home & Auto Bundle

20% on Home

Credit Score

up to 50%

Monitored Alarm System

save 15%


save 20%

Get a free home checkup

Keep your family safe with a free home checkup when you bundle car and home insurance with Onlia. It's like putting your home maintenance on autopilot.

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