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Switch & save on car insurance, it's that easy

Trusted online insurance that saves you more, up to $600 cashback monthly for driving safe.

Car insurance, clarified

Why go online for car insurance?

Onlia Insurance has built a platform to make it fast and easy to get a quote and purchase a car insurance policy.

That doesn’t mean we’ve gone totally AI. We have a caring customer support team that’s available to help you via phone, email, live chat, and even screen sharing. 

Is car insurance mandatory in Ontario?

You better believe it. In order to legally drive in Ontario, you need to be insured. There are also specific coverages that you

need to get – these include Uninsured Automobile, Third-Party Liability and Accident Benefits coverage.

How can you save more on car insurance?

Onlia Insurance can help you save money. We provide a wide variety of discounts on car insurance, which are automatically applied at checkout if you qualify. These discounts include 15% off car and 20% off home insurance when you bundle, 2% off when you equip your ride with winter tires, and more.

  • Buying Onlia Insurance

    Read more about eligibility and what qualifies you for Onlia car insurance.

  • Getting an online quote

    Save up to $750 when you switch. See your price and how much you could be saving.

  • Choosing your coverages

    Learn more about car insurance and find out how to build the perfect policy for you.

Why choose Onlia Insurance?


Always online

Buy insurance, manage your policy, and submit claims online at your convenience. Plus, download our app to access your pink slip from anywhere.

Get up to $600 cashback

Drive safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app to earn up to $50 every month — that’s an extra 30% off the average yearly premium.

Flexible policies

Adjust your coverage, add a driver, change to long-term parking, or bundle your insurance through My Account any time. On demand changes, no paperwork or phone calls required.

Privacy is our priority

We’ll keep you safe on and offline. Personal and sensitive information is always encrypted, stored, and transmitted securely.

A trusted provider

We’re backed by Fairfax Financial and Achmea, so we have the resources to make insurance simple. Like other trusted companies, we’re regulated by FSRA.

Add more, save more

Save 15% on car insurance and 20% on home when you bundle, and an additional 20% when you add more than one car to your policy.

What Onlia's car insurance covers

Our coverage covers your bases – everything that’s required to drive in Ontario comes standard in our car insurance policies. Plus, you'll get extra protection like Ticket and Accident Forgiveness at no added cost.

*Mandatory coverage

Accident Benefits*
Provides medical, rehab and funeral costs to you, your passengers and anyone else injured in a collision.
Third Party Liability*
Covers your legal liability, even if you’re partially at fault for an accident.
Uninsured Driver*
Protects you on multiple fronts, like if you collide with an uninsured driver, or are a victim of a hit-and-run.
Direct Compensation
Helps pay to repair your car when you're deemed not at fault in a collision.
Helps repair or replace your car in the event you collide with another car or object.
Includes coverage for damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, and more.
Rental Car
You’ll have access to a rental car while yours is being repaired or replaced.
Family Protection
If you or a family member is hurt in a collision caused by a driver who is underinsured, we'll cover the difference up to your policy limit.
Ticket Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers, your premium won’t increase over a minor conviction.
Accident Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers, your premium won’t increase after your first at-fault accident.

Curious about Direct Compensation — Property Damage?

Find out about the changes to DCPD and learn more about this important coverage.

Discover more about car insurance


Save more on Onlia car insurance

Get discounts for being a new driver, having winter tires, and more. Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.