Eligibility for Onlia car insurance

Getting insured online is easy, but how do you know if you’re eligible for Onlia car insurance? Read below to find out, and
start a quote when you’re ready.

To get Onlia insurance, your vehicle must be:

  • Designed to be distributed and used in Canada
  • Registered, plated, and located in Ontario for most of the year
  • Less than 20 years old, and less than $150k in value
  • Not damaged in any way that would affect its safe operation
  • Not customized, unless it's for accessibility reasons
  • Not for commercial use (unless it’s used for a ridesharing, carsharing, or delivery service that provides automobile insurance while you're on the job. We only cover the personal use part of your vehicle.)

Onlia doesn’t cover vehicles that are:

  • Recreational
  • Motorcycles
  • Used for commercial purposes, such as:
    • Delivery services (e.g., courier, food delivery)
    • Driving lessons, racing, or speed tests
    • Carrying passengers for compensation (e.g., taxi, school bus)
    • Carrying materials to a job site (e.g., building materials)
    • Your car or truck is outfitted with equipment designed to support your business, including permanent toolboxes or insulated boxes for food, snowplow, etc.
    • You allow employees to drive your car for business purposes
    • Farming, emergency, or rental vehicles
    • Vehicles held for sale by a car dealer

What about ridesharing?

We can insure your vehicle if you drive for a rideshare or delivery service that provides automobile insurance. That is, we only cover the personal use part of your vehicle – so if an incident occurs while you’re on the job, the insurance provided by the delivery service will kick in.

What are my options if my previous insurer cancelled my policy?

It depends on why your policy was cancelled. Being cancelled by your previous insurer may impact your rates and/or eligibility with certain providers.

If you were cancelled for reasons such as fraud, misrepresentation, DUI, or a major/criminal conviction, your best bet is a call to your local broker. They can usually provide solutions for those scenarios.

Does Onlia cover G1 drivers?

We do insure G1 drivers! The great news is that if they aren’t the primary operator of a vehicle there won’t be any additional premium for them. But, if you’re wondering if you can buy a car with a G1 licence, learn more on our blog.

Save more with Onlia insurance

Our rates are competitive – but who doesn’t want cheaper insurance? Our premium discounts are automatically applied before you check out.

Does Onlia cover customized cars?

Onlia does not insure customized cars, unless it's for accessibility purposes. This includes customizations like:

  • Performance upgrades (e.g. nitrous, engine swaps, superchargers, air intake valve, etc.)
  • Aftermarket body or exhaust upgrades (carbon fibre hood, body kits, racing seats, roll bar/cage, shaved door handles, etc.)
  • Altered or hydraulic suspensions
  • Custom murals/graphics/paint
  • Aftermarket tachometer

Does Onlia cover right-hand drive vehicles?

We do not offer coverage for right-hand drive vehicles. We only insure regular vehicles designed for use in, and distributed in the Canadian market.

What makes you ineligible for Onlia insurance?

There are situations where we're unable to insure someone. They include:

  • Significant at-fault collisions in the past 6 years
  • Major traffic or criminal convictions in the past 3 years
  • Having previous insurance cancelled
  • History of fraud, misrepresentation, or non-payment.

Whatever your situation, feel free to get a quote and we’ll let you know if we can insure you, or if there are any reasons why we aren’t able to.