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Getting an Onlia car insurance quote 

Questions about getting a quote for Onlia car insurance? You’ve come to the right place.

The convenience of online insurance

Onlia Insurance is all online. That means you can quickly get a quote, buy, and manage your insurance in just a few clicks. There are no brokers, phone calls or paperwork — just you and your insurance. Plus, our customer support team is here to help when you need it.

Our digital platform is straightforward and easy to use from when you get a quote, to when you need to make a claim.


Need to cancel your policy? We offer flexible cancellation — if you decide to end your policy, you’ll only pay for the days you were covered. No extra fees or penalties are required.

Leased vehicles

A leased vehicle needs special coverage to protect the leasing company (lessor). This doesn't cost you anything extra. When getting a quote with us, indicate that your vehicle is leased – we'll automatically include this coverage on your policy.

Finding your vehicle model

Try entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the vehicle search bar. Newer vehicles might not be added to our search list yet, but it’s updated each month.

Business use

Business use refers to how often you use your vehicle to travel for work (other than driving to and from your place of employment). It can include using your car to carry work-related items like paperwork, sale signs, or your laptop, or using your car to drive to clients. These situations are not covered under business use:

  • Driving for a rideshare or delivery service that does not provide insurance while you're on the job.
  • Using your vehicle to transport tools.
  • Making deliveries of any kind.
  • Other commercial purposes (e.g. using your vehicle for a driver-training service).

How to change your driving history

This information has been received from the Ministry of Transportation and previous insurance providers that you were with, and unfortunately, we’re unable to change it for you.

To update driving record details (licence, tickets and convictions, etc.)

Contact the Ministry of Transportation or Service Ontario to correct any wrong information. Once it's been updated, it could take up to a month for the changes to be reflected online.

To update insurance history (collisions, policy cancellations, etc.)

If your insurance history isn’t correct, we suggest you contact the Complaint Officer/Ombudsman of your previous insurer(s) to make things right. They can work with you to update your collision and claims history. Note that although you may have not reported an accident or thought it wasn't required, the third-party involved in the accident may have reported the loss. If this is the case, your insurance history report will show this claim.

Can’t remember your driving history?

If you can’t remember your claims, ticket, or licence history, include those details to the best of your knowledge. We’ll review your driving record before you complete your purchase. You’ll receive a notification if there’s anything you missed that affects your price or eligibility.

Household driver exclusion

Excluding a driver in your household means they won’t be covered under your Onlia insurance. Because of this, they won’t be factored into your auto premium. This action shouldn't be taken lightly. We can't cover damage caused by an excluded driver (i.e. when they're driving).

In need of an Ontario licence

You need a valid Ontario driver’s licence to apply for insurance through Onlia.

This includes Ontario licence classes G2 and G, or an equivalent to G (A, B, C, D, E or F).

We’re linked with official databases that store your driving and insurance history, like the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

We're one of the few insurers who considers out-of-country licensed years, as long as the MTO has your foreign driving record registered. You can contact them, and consult your drivers abstract to confirm your total number of licensed years. Note that you need a valid Ontario driver’s licence to apply for Onlia insurance. For claims, we collect information from the CGI AutoPlus insurance history database.

We also give drivers new to Canada a three claim-free years as a baseline.

More questions about car insurance quotes with Onlia


How your car insurance premium is calculated

Think of the calculation of your price as an equation.

This equation has many different variables, and each has a different weighting that can impact your price.

Some of the most important variables are:

  • Your driving history
  • Other drivers in your household
  • Your car and usage, including ownership, year, make, and model.
  • Where you live

These items play a role in the calculation of your premium and will explain why your price might be different from that of your neighbour or friend.

Learn more about the factors that affect your car insurance premium.

Daily premium structure

Our daily premium structure is the first of its kind in Canada. With Onlia, you'll pay only for the exact number of days you have insurance in a month (rather than paying a monthly average, or an entire year upfront). For example, let's say your premium works out to be $5 a day:

$5 a day x 31 days = $155 a month

$5 a day x 30 days = $150 a month

Most months are 31 days, so we quote you for that number. You'll pay a little less in shorter months. Every dollar counts, right?

Bundle discount

Bundle your car and home insurance for more discounts — you could save 15% on car and 20% on home when you bring both policies over to Onlia.

You’ll save more than money when you bundle; manage both your car and home o policy online with easier. Sign in to My Account to make changes like updating your information, adding new vehicles, and even changing your coverage online, all on your own. Learn more about the benefits of bundling with Onlia.

safe-driving app

Drive safe, earn rewards

Earn cashback rewards and gift cards for driving safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app.

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