Home insurance coverage you can count on

Onlia’s made home insurance easy by including premium coverages in every standard policy. Plus, we give you the flexibility to increase protection based on personal needs. 

Home insurance coverages

Home insurance helps you safeguard the investment you’ve made in your home, whether you own or rent. If something ever happens to it, or your belongings, home insurance can cover the cost to get your life back on track.

Home insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, but most financial institutions require that you have it before you can get a mortgage. Some landlords also require that tenants show proof of home insurance before providing a lease.

Customize your coverages

If you're new to Onlia, you can customize your coverages while getting a quote. It's easy.

Personal Property coverage is based on the estimated total value of your home. The percentage you select (25%, 50%, or 75%) reflects the amount of coverage you have relative to your home’s estimated value. For example, if your home is valued at $500,000, and you choose 50% coverage, then you would have a maximum of $250,000 in coverage for your belongings if they’re damaged or stolen.

High-Value Items coverage includes a maximum of $10,000 across all item categories such as jewellery, sporting equipment, fine art and more. If you want to protect items that exceed that amount, you can always increase your coverage in My Account.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost means that we will cover the full cost of replacing your home, even if it exceeds your policy’s limits.

Optional endorsements

In addition to the coverages that come standard in all our home policies, you can also choose from optional endorsements, like:

Flood and Sewer Backup
Damage caused by flooding, torrential downpour, and backed-up sewers is covered up to your policy limits.

Years Claims Free Protector
If you’ve been claims-free for 6 years and have been with Onlia for at least 3, your years claims-free discount will still apply even if you make a claim with us.

Legal Assistance
You’ll get access to legal advice with your policy.

Home Sharing
Your coverage will still apply if you choose to rent your home, or a part of it, on a short-term basis.

Liability coverage

If you get sued (knock on wood), claims can easily exceed millions of dollars in expenses – that’s where liability coverage comes in. It will reduce the risk of having to pay out of pocket.

See how much you can save

Use our savings calculator to see what your insurance savings could be with Onlia.

Premium coverages and features

With your Onlia home policy, you’ll get premium coverages and features, including:

Home and Detached Structures
This covers your home, or any other structures on your property that get damaged.

Personal Property
Your valuables will be covered if they’re stolen or damaged in your home, or anywhere else.

Additional Living Expenses
We’ll cover your living expenses if you need to relocate while your home is being repaired.

Personal Liability
This includes legal protection if someone is injured on your property, or if their property is damaged. It’ll also cover anyone in your household that’s affected.

Home Improvements
We’ll cover any improvements you make to your home, like an upgraded kitchen.

Home Sharing
You’ll be covered if you rent out your home – or a part of it – on a short-term basis.

Identity Theft
If you or a member of your family has their identity stolen, we’ll pay up to $10,000 to help you through the recovery process.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost
We’ll pay to repair or rebuild your home, even if it exceeds your policy's limits.

Inflation Protection
We’ll increase the limits of insurance to match the rate of inflation.

Want premium protection at affordable prices?

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Change your insurance any time with Onlia’s flexible policies

If you want to update your policy’s coverages:

Sign in to My Account, select the policy you’d like to change, and click Change. On the next screen, you can make and submit your changes.