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Home insurance coverage you can count on

Onlia’s made home insurance easy by including premium coverages in every standard policy.

How to adjust your home insurance to your needs

Home insurance helps you safeguard the investment you’ve made in your home, whether you own or rent. If something ever happens to it, or your belongings, home insurance can cover the cost to get your life back on track.

Home insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, but most financial institutions require that you have it before you can get a mortgage. Some landlords also require that tenants show proof of home insurance before providing a lease.

Adding to your coverage

If you're new to Onlia, you can add to your coverage while getting a quote. It's easy.

Personal Property, Additional Living Expenses, Personal Liability and Flood and Sewer Backup can be added and taken away as needed.

Personal Property coverage is based on the estimated total value of your home. The percentage you select (25%, 50%, or 75%) reflects the amount of coverage you have relative to your home’s estimated value. For example, if your home is valued at $500,000, and you choose 50% coverage, then you would have a maximum of $250,000 in coverage for your belongings if they’re damaged or stolen.

High-Value Items coverage includes a maximum of $10,000 across all item categories such as jewellery, sporting equipment, fine art and more. If you want to protect items that exceed that amount, you can always increase your coverage in My Account.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost means that we will cover the full cost of replacing your home, even if it exceeds your policy’s limits.

Optional endorsements

In addition to the coverages that come standard in all our home policies, you can also choose from optional endorsements, like:
Years Claims-Free Protector
If you’ve been claims-free for 6 years and have been with Onlia for at least 3, your years claims-free discount will still apply even if you make a claim with us.
Flood and Sewer Backup
Damage caused by flooding, torrential downpour, and backed-up sewers is covered up to your policy limits.
Home Sharing
Your coverage will still apply if you choose to rent your home, or a part of it, on a short-term basis.
Legal Assistance
You’ll get access to legal advice with your policy.

Liability coverage

If you get sued (knock on wood), claims can easily exceed millions of dollars in expenses — that’s where liability coverage comes in. It will reduce the risk of having to pay out of pocket.

Premium coverages and features

With your Onlia home policy, you’ll get premium coverages and features, including:

Personal Property

Your valuables will be covered if they’re stolen or damaged in your home, or anywhere else.


Additional Living Expenses

We’ll cover your living expenses if you need to relocate while your home is being repaired.

Personal Liability

This includes legal protection if someone is injured on your property, or if their property is damaged. It’ll also cover anyone in your household that’s affected.

Home Improvements

We’ll cover any improvements you make to your home, like an upgraded kitchen.

Home Sharing

You’ll be covered if you rent out your home — or a part of it — on a short-term basis.

Identity Theft

If you or a member of your family has their identity stolen, we’ll pay up to $10,000 to help you through the recovery process.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

We’ll pay to repair or rebuild your home, even if it exceeds your policy's limits.

Inflation Protection

We’ll increase the limits of insurance to match the rate of inflation.

Change your insurance any time with Onlia’s flexible policies

If you want to update your policy’s coverages: Sign in to My Account, select the policy you’d like to change, and click Change. On the next screen, you can make and submit your changes.

What's included in your coverage

When you have home insurance with Onlia, you’re covered for almost any type of damage to your home.

The building, its contents, alternate accommodation, liability
— all covered!

This includes your possessions when you’re travelling anywhere in the world.

Pretty awesome, right?

We cover these types of damage to your home:

  • Explosions
  • Smoke
  • Water damage
  • Wind and hail
  • Riot
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects
  • Damage caused by vehicles, like cars, aircraft, and watercraft.

See your policy for full details on what you’re covered for.

Multi-home and Airbnb

We provide coverage for short-term rentals for up to 30 days. So, if you occasionally Airbnb your home, you can rest assured that it’ll be covered along with its contents. Note that this won’t cover your renter’s belongings.

Alternative accommodations

If something happens to your home that’s covered under your policy and you can’t live in it for the duration of the claim process, we’ll pay for alternate accommodations and living expenses until it’s repaired or rebuilt. If you move elsewhere, we’ll cover the time it takes for you to settle in your new home. Note: This doesn’t apply to seasonal homes (e.g. your cottage).

Identity theft

If you or someone in your household is a victim of identity theft, we’ll cover the costs associated with recovering data and important documents, up to $10,000.

Outside of the house coverage

Items that are temporarily away from your home anywhere in the world are covered up to a value of $5,000 with your standard coverage. And of course, you can upgrade your policy to be covered even more. Note that belongings in a storage facility are only covered for 30 days — you’ll need to purchase insurance from the facility for coverage beyond that. When you’ve got insurance with us, you can keep your mind on your studies, and not on your stuff. If you’re attending a school, university, or college and are temporarily away from home, your stuff will still be covered.

If you’ve stored items in a unit on the grounds of your condo building, then you’ll be covered for the contents up to your policy limits. However, belongings in an off-site storage facility are only covered for 30 days — you’ll need to purchase insurance from the facility for coverage beyond that.

Business use coverage

Business use at home is covered as long as your home-based business is an approved office, sales, or crafts business. For example, an accounting firm, a barbershop, or a pottery studio.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance is covered by your home policy. Contact us at
1-844-472-7901 and we’ll connect you with legal counsel who specializes in your situation. We can point you in the right direction if you’re looking for advice regarding:

  • Identity theft
  • Consumer agreements
  • Landlord and tenants
  • Employment
  • Real estate
  • Criminal law
  • Wills and estates
  • Family law
  • Civil litigation
  • Immigration
  • Taxation

Going away?

If you’re planning to leave your home for an extended period, we suggest asking someone to check on your home regularly. Ensure that pipes are drained and water is shut off to avoid water damage from frozen or burst pipes.

Damage to roof

We’ll cover losses to the roof of your dwelling, and detached private structures, based on the depreciated replacement cost, up to your policy limits.

Exterior property coverage

Your coverage includes things like outdoor trees, plants, shrubs, lawns, permanently installed outdoor equipment, outdoor furniture, BBQ, and outdoor swimming pools.

Flooding damage

Our Flood and Sewer Backup coverage pays for damage caused by overland flooding (during a bad storm, for example), and sewer backup (including storm drain, eavestrough, downspout, septic system or sump). This is an optional coverage, but it’s included by default when you get a home insurance quote.

To find your policy limits, see your Certificate of Property Insurance in My Account, under Documents.

If you’re a property owner, water damage due to plumbing issues (like a burst pipe) falls under Home and Detached Structures coverage. Your home is still covered, but coverage is limited. Check your policy for full details.

Extra coverage for valuables

Your Personal Property coverage includes a maximum of $10,000 coverage per item category for high-value belongings like art, jewellery, high-end bikes, etc. It's currently not possible to increase the coverage amount per high-value item.

Note: Please review your policy to verify your coverage limits.

Want premium protection at affordable prices?

Get an affordable home insurance quote from Onlia and have coverage the next day.