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Eligibility for Onlia home insurance 

Onlia’s taken the guesswork out of home insurance. Get a quote today for the protection you need. 

Home insurance eligibility

Many Ontario residents are eligible to insure their primary residence with Onlia. However, there are certain situations where we cannot offer home insurance. The most common are related to where the home is located, or how many home insurance claims have been made in the past. See the full list of conditions for purchasing Onlia home insurance when you get a quote.

Home insurance coverage

Onlia offers comprehensive home insurance policies for homeowners, condo dwellers, and tenants alike. Whatever home means to you, we’ll be able to help you protect it.

Why you need home insurance

Home insurance helps you protect the investment you’ve make in your home, whether you own or rent. If something ever happens to it, or your belongings, home insurance can cover the cost to get your life back on track. Home insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, but most financial institutions require that you have it before you can get a mortgage. Some landlords also require that tenants show proof of home insurance before providing a lease.

Getting a quote

At Onlia, we've put everything online so that you can easily get a quote and buy insurance in just a few minutes! No brokers, phone calls, or paperwork required.

Since you're in control, our team is unable to provide a quote or set up a policy for you.

Cancelling with your previous insurer

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel a policy with another company for you. Like buying a policy, only the policy owner can do that.

What’s after order submission

After you’ve finished your quote and submitted your order, you’ll receive an activation link to your email address. This step is required to complete your purchase and successfully set up your policy and account with Onlia. Do this right away, as the link will expire within 24 hours.

If you don’t see an email arrive from us to the primary address you listed on your account, be sure to double-check your junk/spam folder. If not, contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Your start date

Effective dates can be as early as the next day and up to 60 days in advance. Simply select the date that you want the coverage to take effect and confirm all the required steps in the process.

Simply select the date that you want the coverage to take effect and confirm all the required steps in the process.

Your contract

Only the registered owner(s) of the home can purchase insurance for that item. Insurance is a legal contract, and unfortunately, you cannot agree to a contract on behalf of someone else.

This ensures that if something happens where a claim needs to be filed, the right people are getting the help they need.

Accessing your account

Your policy, and all your important policy documentation, can be viewed by signing in to My Account. This is where you can make changes to your policy as well. Your policy becomes effective on the start date you specify when purchasing your insurance.

No paperwork necessary

There's no need to fill out paperwork or send us documents. We've made applying for and buying insurance fully digital. By completing an application for insurance with us, you agree to all the legal rules and regulations that come with insurance policies in Ontario. You can set up your insurance quickly, and when it's convenient for you. Simply add your quote to the shopping cart and follow the prompts :)

Adding a second homeowner

You can add another homeowner to your policy when you're getting a home quote. If you already have a home policy, email us at support@onlia.ca, and we'll help you add a second homeowner. Note that any immediate family members that you live with are automatically covered under your policy.

Want premium protection at affordable prices?

Get an affordable home insurance quote from Onlia and have coverage the next day.