Eligibility for Onlia home insurance 

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Are you eligible for Onlia home insurance?

Many Ontario residents are eligible to insure their primary residence with Onlia. However, there are certain situations where we cannot offer home insurance. The most common are related to where the home is located, or how many home insurance claims have been made in the past. See the full list of conditions for purchasing Onlia home insurance when you get a quote.

What type of home insurance does Onlia offer?

We currently offer home, condo, and tenant insurance in Ontario. Whether you’re looking to protect your home and everything in it, or just the stuff in it – we have a policy for you.

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Does Onlia have insurance for landlords?

We don't have a product for landlords yet. We’re working on this, so check back soon!

Do you need home insurance?

Home insurance helps you protect the investment you’ve make in your home, whether you own or rent. If something ever happens to it, or your belongings, home insurance can cover the cost to get your life back on track. Home insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, but most financial institutions require that you have it before you can get a mortgage. Some landlords also require that tenants show proof of home insurance before providing a lease.

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