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Home insurance online

Getting an Onlia home insurance quote

Questions about getting a quote for Onlia home insurance?
You’re in the right place.

Getting a quote

With Onlia you can easily get an insurance quote online. Just answer some basic questions and you'll get a price right away. If you like what you see, you can purchase your policy on the spot with coverage starting as early as tomorrow. No phone calls or paperwork required.

If you're an existing Onlia customer looking to add a product to your account, make sure to sign in first.

No brokers required

You can't buy Onlia home insurance through a broker. We set up our insurance to be easy to purchase and manage online. Start with a quote – it only takes a few minutes. Of course, if you ever have questions or need a hand, the Onlia team is here to help.

You can also assist someone in getting a quote if you have their permission. If they decide they would like to join Onlia, the registered homeowner or tenant must be the one to sign up.

Temporary insurance and flexible cancellations

While we don’t offer temporary insurance, we do have a very flexible cancellation policy. If you decide to sign up with us, you can cancel anytime and pay only for the days you’re covered.

Home insurance or renter’s insurance — you decide

We can’t offer home insurance to those renting a room in a house. If you live in a unit inside a house, select Condo/Apartment as your property type. If you rent the basement in a house, select Condo/Apartment as your property type when you’re getting a quote.

I can’t find my address

Addresses we have available are received from Canada Post. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re unable to find addresses. Try to enter your address again.

If it still doesn’t show, we are unfortunately unable to offer you insurance right now.

Business use

Business use refers to any regular or occasional activity conducted in your home for financial gain. This can include a trade, profession, or occupation.

Consenting to a credit check

Running a soft credit check helps us provide the lowest quote we can. The check is instant and has no effect on your credit score. By consenting, you’ll be eligible to receive a discount of up to 50% on your premium. The exact percentage is determined by your credit score. Prefer not to consent? All good. You can still get Onlia home insurance — you just won’t be eligible for the discount.

Saving your quote for later

You can email the quote to yourself from the Coverage screen. We’ll email a link for you to view it later. Your quote will be saved for 30 days, but note that prices are subject to change. We can only guarantee the price until the end of the day on which the quote was generated.

Calculating your home insurance premium

Several variables come into play when calculating your home insurance premium. The most important ones include your postal code, the age of your home, building type, and structural details like the number of storeys, kitchens, and bathrooms in your home. We’ll use these details to help predict the likelihood of damage caused by things like water, fire, wind/hail, and crime.

And of course, the level of protection you opt for will affect your price.

Save with discounts on home insurance

One sure-fire way to save on home insurance? Choose a provider that offers a selection of discounts to help lower your price.

Onlia offers a menu of discounts for things like protecting your home with an alarm system, consenting to a credit check, and more:

Credit Score
Save up to 50% on home insurance when you agree to a soft credit check.
Renewal Loyalty
Save 5% when you’re an Onlia customer for 3 or more years.
Mortgage-free home? Save 15% on your home premium.
Burglary & Fire Alarm
Up your home security game with a monitored alarm system to save 5%.
Bundle Car & Home
Save 20% off home insurance, and 15% off car when you insure both with Onlia.

Daily premium structure

Our daily premium structure is the first of its kind in Canada. With Onlia, you'll pay only for the exact number of days you have insurance in a month (rather than paying a monthly average, or an entire year up front). For example, let's say your premium works out to be $5 a day:

  • $5 a day x 31 days = $ 155 a month
  • $5 a day x 30 days = $ 150 a month

Most months are 31 days, so we quote you for that number. You'll pay a little less in shorter months. Every dollar counts, right?!

Bundle discount

Bundle your car and home insurance for more discounts — you could save 15% on car and 20% on home when you bring both policies over to Onlia.

You’ll also save time when you bundle; manage both your home and auto policy online with ease. Sign in to My Account to make changes like updating your information, adding new vehicles, and even adjusting your coverage, all on your own. Learn more about the benefits of bundling with Onlia.

Save more with Onlia Insurance

Get a quote in minutes to see what your home insurance savings could be with Onlia.