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On The Road

Does Car Insurance Cover Tires?

In some cases, yes. In others, no. Keep reading to know when tires are covered by car insurance.

by Team Onlia
In some cases, your car insurance may cover the purchase of new tires for your car. When you consider how much the price of tires has risen over the past few years — some by more than 15% — insurance stepping in to foot the bill is a ideal.

Decisions can be made based on your preferences and just how safe you really are. If you have winter tires, your premiums drop. But what about tire damage? 

When does car insurance cover tire damage?

The first thing to know is that the mandatory minimum car insurance in Ontario won’t cover tires at all — one of the many, many reasons to think about adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy.

But if you have collision and comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will typically cover tire damage if:

  • Your tires are slashed or stolen
  • You damage your tires driving over a pothole in the road
  • Your tires are damaged in a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object

Tire coverage is one of the more compelling reasons to add on to your mandatory car insurance coverage with collision and comprehensive coverage — and especially so given the meteoric rise in car theft across Ontario.

But remember...

Even if your car insurance policy covers tires, it might not be the best idea to run damaged or stolen tires through insurance because of the deductible, which is how much you pay before insurance kicks in. If replacing the tires isn’t that much more above your deductible, the rise in your rate after a claim might not be worth the coverage.

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When does car insurance not cover tire damage?

Tire coverage will generally not cover the cost of tire replacement due to wear and tear, end of life or getting a flat in a non-collision situation. In these instances, you’d be on your own to replace the tires.

How to safeguard your car from flat tires

It is tough to avoid getting a flat tire. It’s always good to have a spare on hand, tucked away in the hub in your trunk or elsewhere on your vehicle. Extreme temperature; sharp objects like nails, broken glass; general wear and tear; valve steam damage and tire bead leaks all contribute to flat tires. 

Be sure to always check your tires for any irregularities, especially if you have stored you car during the winter, or have been away on vacation.

Getting coverage for tires if your insurance doesn’t cover it

You have options beyond your car insurance to cover tire damage. And if you live in a high-crime area or near a construction site, or if you commute to work regularly, one of these options may make sense for you.

Can tires save you money on car insurance?

With Onlia, yes!

You can save 2% on your car insurance every year simply for having winter tires installed on your vehicle before the end of November. It’s one of many Onlia discounts you can apply, and one more reason to go online with Onlia.

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