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Nothing compares to a summer night at the drive-in with your friends — and maybe some furry ones, too. The drive-in is always a fun time, but there are a few things you can take along for the ride to make it even better.

Want to pimp out your ride for the night out? Keep reading to see how you can get your car drive-in ready for a night under the stars!

What should you take to the drive-in?

Your first instinct may be to pack your cooler and snack bags full so you’ll have something to munch on during the show. But the same general rules of the regular theatre applies to the drive in — concession stands are open, which means outside food and drink is not welcome. However, there are some other things that can help take your night from good to great.

Blankets & pillows

If you’re planning to watch from your vehicle, and few blankets and pillow and help cozy up your ride. Shows typically go pretty late, so chances are someone in your party won’t make it to the end credits.

Advice from a professional lounger: if you have a blanket with sleeves, take it with you. There’s nothing like watching a movie and snacking away, all while staying cozy.

Lap desks & trays

Whether you’re sitting in the front seat, back seat, bed of a truck, or outside on lawn chairs, there’s one thing that’s for certain — you’re going to be snacking. To keep yourself (and your little ones) organized, consider taking lap desks or trays to make snacking more accessible. With a place to rest your food and drink while you enjoy the show, you won’t have to worry about too many slips and spills...

Clean up supplies

But chances are, they’ll still happen. Go prepared with paper towels, wet snaps, hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes for any surfaces you feel need a quick wipe down. A spare bag for empty wrappers and bottles will help keep the mess contained — and keep you from making multiple trips to the trash can during the show.

When the night’s over, it’ll make for a quick and easy clean up, so you can hit the road and get home to your bed ASAP.

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If you’re bringing a furry friend…

Pets are typically welcome at drive-in theatres, but be sure to check your theatre’s rules before Fido jumps in for the ride — rules will vary especially with the evolving with changing COVID restrictions.

If you’re bringing your dog along for the show, think about taking an extra blanket for them (or even their bed) so they can cozy up in the car too. Depending on how your pooch travels, a seatbelt may also come in handy to secure them for the drive there.

If it’s a hot one and you’re planning to enjoy the summer heat outside your vehicle, take your dog’s cooling vest with you and have plenty of fresh water on hand. After sunset can be just as hot, so don't assume your pup will be okay since it's nighttime — those hot and humid nights can get difficult for our fur laden friends.

What if I hit something with my car at the drive-in?

Driving around at the drive in isn’t akin to driving on a public road — it’s private property, which means the Highway Traffic Act doesn’t apply. What does that mean for you? Well, things can be a little more complicated when figuring out exactly who was at fault.

Since they’re private property, you won’t need to call the police or report incidents to a Collision Reporting Centre — unless illegal activity was involved, like driving under the influence. Instead, you’d call your insurance provider and have them decide who was at fault based on their  fault determination rules.

If you’re hit by a vehicle at the drive-in, your accident benefits coverage would kick in. However, since the incident would’ve occurred on private property you may be able to sue both the person that hit you, as well as the property owner — if you can prove their set up/space was negligent regarding the safety of patrons.

But of course, this is all worst case scenario. It’s great to be knowledgeable about the rules if something does happen, but the drive in is an awesome (and safe) option for the whole family this year.

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