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Introducing Onlia Auto Insurance

Done with traditional auto insurance? Us too. Together, we’re changing it for the better.

by Team Onlia

At Onlia, safety comes first – but as of today, insurance is a close second. In support of our mission to make Canada safer, we also want to change the role of insurance for Canadians. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we’re taking a strong stance on safety while providing the modern protection Canadians need to ensure they’re covered when they need a helping hand.

Along with helping people when rainy days happen, we want to help everyone work together to make sure it rains less altogether. That’s why we're developing the tools and resources Canadians need to become safer drivers — because when we work together, everyone wins. We know safe driving is not always an easy task, so we believe in rewarding those who take the safety mission to heart and are dedicated champions of safe driving.

In a nutshell: At Onlia, safe drivers save more.

In addition to building an insurance product with safety at heart, we want to make the process simple, easy, and fair. We believe that technology can help facilitate a great user experience, so we’ve blown the dust off of insurance and created a digital solution that is easy to buy and built for today. What exactly does that mean? We’ve broken it down to three simple ideas:

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Done with traditional

We’re tired of old-school insurance companies. At Onlia, you can easily buy a policy online with no paperwork required, and no strings attached. Our digital technology simplifies insurance so that you can focus on what matters, and we can focus on you.

Keeping it simple

Insurance shouldn’t be confusing. We use clear and simple language to describe your policy so that you know what you’re buying, and what you’re covered for.

Safety first

Preventing collisions is better than reacting to them. We facilitate and reward behaviours that help Canadians stay safer at home, and on the road.  

Be among the first to join the Onlia safety movement: As of today, you can get a quick and commitment-free quote for auto insurance, with policies effective February 1, 2019.

What you get with Onlia

  • All the coverage required to drive in Ontario
  • Discounted premiums for drivers with no at-fault collisions
  • Accident and ticket forgiveness for qualifying drivers
  • No strings attached – pay only for the days you’re with Onlia
  • Simple, fair claims experience

This new year, why not put safety in the driver’s seat? We’ll be here to help you go the distance. Get a quote, and join the safety movement today.

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Getting coverage has never been easier.

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