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Car insurance is known for being confusing, and all the myths and half-truths out there don’t help clear things up. Pair that with a completely new way of providing insurance online, and you’ve got a whole new set of inquiries. We’re big on transparency, so we sat down to answer some of the most frequently asked insurance questions on social media in a recent video — shot right here, at Onlia HQ in Toronto.

How expensive is Onlia auto insurance?

We’re competitively priced throughout Ontario, and provide a high level of protection at a great value. The quote we provide for your monthly insurance payment depends on a lot of different factors, which vary from one person to the next. In calculating a car insurance quote (which we do in seconds, NBD), we consider the drivers: 

  • Previous at-fault collisions
  • Age and years of driving experience
  • Postal code
  • Driving and insurance history
  • Type of vehicle
  • Typical distance driven each year
  • The coverage options they choose
  • The deductible they choose

All of these factors help us determine how safe a driver is on the road and their risk of getting into a collision, which influences the price we’re able to offer. Insurance providers can weigh these factors differently, which explains why you get varying prices from one provider to the next.

While Onlia can be more affordable for safer drivers with strong records, another provider may be geared more for people who, for example, have high-performance sports cars that are riskier to drive. Naturally, we hope Onlia can give you the best protection for the best price. But if not, no sweat. We encourage you to come back for a free quote down the road, and see if we’re a better fit!

Onlia insurance is online. Do you have real people I can talk to?

In deed we do!  We have a passionate team based in Toronto that works hard on our suite of products, and our mission to make Canada a safer place. We also have a dedicated customer support and claims team in-house who are there to help you when you need it.

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Is Onlia insurance available through a broker?

Onlia is all-online and offers you insurance directly, meaning there’s no need to go through the intermediary of a broker or agent, and there’s no paperwork to fill out. We think this makes insurance a lot simpler, from getting a quote to purchasing a policy, and even managing your coverage. Without any middle-person to go through, you have complete control over your insurance.

Putting insurance online means you’re in the driver’s seat to get everything done using your phone or desktop. It’s super easy. That said, insurance is serious business, and we could all use a hand sometime! If you ever have questions, need a hand, or hit a snag, our team is always here to help you along.

How do you use my data and information?

We need to collect certain pieces of personal information to calculate your auto insurance quote, so we can understand why you might be worried. However, rest assured that any information you provide to us is encrypted and stored on a secure server. We take your privacy seriously, and any information you share with us will only be used to give you a quote — we’ll never sell or disclose it with anyone for marketing purposes.

For more information, take a look at our Privacy notice.

What is the Onlia Insurance™ app? Do I need it to get Onlia insurance?

The Onlia Insurance™ app is a safe-driving app designed to help you become a better driver. It’ll track your driving habits — including speed, braking, distraction, and more — so you can see exactly where you can improve. The best part? You can earn rewards through the app when you maintain safe-driving habits.

The Onlia Insurance™ app is entirely separate from Onlia insurance, and you don’t need to download it in order to get an insurance policy with us. It’s simply a safe-driving app to hone their driving skills and earn rewards.

Will my Onlia Insurance™ app score affect my insurance rate?

No. If you have an Onlia car insurance policy and choose to use the app, your driving habits recorded on the app will never affect your insurance rates. Our goal is to make Canada safer, and we’ve designed our app to reward good behaviour, not reprimand people when they’re making an effort to drive safely. While you can earn awesome perks like cashback through the app when you have Onlia insurance, data collected by the Onlia Insurance™ app will never be shared to influence your premium.

The only thing that will increase when you choose to drive with the app is your chance of earning rewards for being a safe driver.

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