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The summer months were great, weren’t they? With all those warm sunny days, hopefully you enjoyed the great outdoors, had some fun activities, and maybe even got in a road trip (or a few). With the summer months now in the rear view mirror, your vehicle may need a little TLC to recover from all those excursions to the beach. We recommend taking an afternoon to check in on a few seasonal maintenance essentials. To help, we’ve put together a handy checklist, below.

Seasonal vehicle maintenance checklist:


  • Clean air vents to rid of any dust and dirt particles
  • Test your heating and A/C
  • Vacuum the upholstery and under the seats
  • Remove and clean the floor mats
  • Cleanse germs from your steering wheel
  • Wipe the dash and centre console
  • Clean windows and rear view mirror
  • Test your internal lights – dash, door ajar, overhead

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  • Test your wipers and replace any blades, as necessary
  • Test your lights (headlights, breaking, turn)
  • Clean external mirrors
  • Squeegee or car wash – both are fun!

Under the Hood:

  • Check your engine oil
  • Check your fluids – Brake, power steering, washer, antifreeze/coolant
  • Check your filters – Air, cabin, fuel
  • Are any indicator lights flashing on your dash? This could be an indication of a need for specific servicing. A trip to your vehicle servicing provider can help for additional maintenance needs.

On the Ground:

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check your tire tread depth
  • Depending on how many km’s you’ve driven, a tire balance and rotation may be needed

The above tips are intended to help keep your vehicle safe and tidy between seasonal check-ins with your licensed vehicle servicing provider. We hope these tips will help you get your vehicle ready and safe for fall driving! 

Until next time,

Team Onlia

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