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Community & Culture

Sharing Onlia's Values

Learn about our values and how we live them every day.

by Team Onlia

Launching and growing Onlia has been an incredible journey so far, and we’re excited to continue evolving as a safety ambassador, a service provider, and as a team. Things move fast here, but we’re mindful about planning our next steps to make sure we’re delivering the best experience we can for our customers and community, shaping the future of our company, and living our mission to make Canada safer.

Soon after we launched Onlia, we realized the importance of sticking to our principles to properly guide us down the road. Growing quickly means new initiatives, new products, and new faces on the regular. Having a set of core beliefs that everyone shares helps make sure we’re on the same page about what to do, and how to do it. Without this, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Company values aren’t something that should be handed down from on high from an executive team. That’s hardly genuine, and far from company values. Instead, Onlia set out to define our values through a series of workshops and discussions with the whole team, giving equal value to each member’s input, eventually coming to an agreement about the ideals that influence our actions – both inside the company and in the community.

Turns out we shared a lot of the same general concepts about what Onlia is, and how we should act: that what we deliver should be simple, impactful, and able to inspire change to create safer roads and communities no matter where you are in the country. We just needed to turn the ideas into tangible values.   

Sticking to our values helps us see our mission through.

Lift each other up

The power of our community drives our shared success. 

Creating a safer Canada takes collective action. As a company, and in our community, we believe that respect, encouragement, and positive reinforcement empowers all of us to do our best work and foster a movement for change.

Keep it simple

Simplicity can be found in everything.

Life is complicated. Simplicity is refreshing. Whether we’re working on a new insurance product, a mobile app feature, or a community safety action, we strive to make it all simple and easy for people. 

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Make an impact

Less talk, more action.


From the smallest interactions with our customers to our larger initiatives to support the safety movement, everyone here should feel like they can and do make a positive impression. 


Live transparently

Be open and honest in all that we do.


As a digital company – especially one that offers insurance – we know that trust and fairness are paramount to forming a good relationship with our customers and community. In everything we do, our goal is to make it accessible and plainly honest. When you come here, you’re in a spin-free zone.


We live these values each day we’re working to make Canada a safer place to live – in how we treat each other, and in how we build and deliver our products. We’re glad to share ‘em with you! 

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