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Discounts on car
& home coverage

See how much you can save.

Car Insurance Discounts

Onlia Insurance looks out for you by helping you save more. One way we help you is through our discounts on car insurance, which are automatically applied once you are eligible. 

Bundle Car & Home

What you can save: up to 50% off home insurance, up to 15% off car.
How you can save: Insure your home and car with Onlia.


What you can save: 15%
How you can save: Have zero convictions over a three-year period.

Graduated Licensing

What you can save: 10% off your first year when you graduate to a new licence level.
How you can save: Have your G2 or G licence and a good driving & insurance history.


What you can save: 15% off per car.
How you can save: Insure two or more cars on the same insurer.

Renewal Loyalty

What you can save: 5%
How you can save: Stay with the same insurer for 3 or more years. 


What you can save: 5% off accident benefits coverage.
How you can save: Be retired and maintain a good driving record.

Winter Tires

What you can save: 2%
How you can save: Have winter tires installed.

Home Insurance Discounts

Check out all the ways you can save with Onlia x aha on home insurance. Our discounts are automatically applied to your policy once you are eligible. 

Bundle Car & Home

What you can save: up to 50% off home insurance, up to 15% off car. 
How you can save: Insure your home and car with Onlia.

Burglary & Fire Alarm

What you can save: 5-10%
How you can save: Up your home security game with a monitored alarm system.

Credit Score

What you can save: 10% to 30%
How you can save: Agree to a light credit check.


What you can save: 15%
How you can save: Insure a home without a mortgage.

Claims-Free Discount

What you can save: 20%
How you can save: Have continuous insurance for 3 years and are claims free (must be able to verify information).

Other Insurance Discounts*

What you can save: 5%
How you can save: Be part of one of our affinity programs and automatically save 5%.


What you can save: Up to 10%
How you can save: Join with others in your workplace, union or organization for a group insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions


Onlia offers a bundle discount of 20% on home insurance, and 15% on car insurance for existing customers. Eligible discounts are applied automatically when adding a product to your account.

We love when drivers contribute to making Canada's roads safer for everyone who shares them. That's why we offer the following safe-driving discounts that, together, could save you over $500* every year:

  • Winter Tire (2%)
  • Conviction-Free (10%)
  • Graduated Licensing (20%)

You can also save up to 30% the longer you've gone without an at-fault claim.

Check your Certificate of Auto Insurance to see what discounts are applied.

We’re committed to helping you save money on insurance by offering significant discounts for bundling home & auto, having winter tires, and more! If you're an existing customer, discounts you’re eligible for are applied automatically. 

Bundling your insurance (existing customers)

Some of the biggest discounts you can get with Onlia are for bundling your insurance. These include:

  • Home & Auto Bundle (15% off auto, 20% off home)

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount (20% off per vehicle)

Bundle discounts are applied to your online account after you’ve completed quotes for each additional car or home you’re insuring. If you’ve got multiple assets to protect, be sure to add them to your cart to see your final discounted price. The more you bundle, the more you’ll save.

How discounts are calculated

Discounts apply to your price in sequence, rather than as a total percentage applied all at once.

Example: Let’s say you have a basic, non-discounted premium of $1,000 annually. But good news –  you’re eligible for a 20% claims-free discount, and a 15% bundle discount! Here’s how this would be calculated:

  • $1,000 – 20% = $800

  • $800 – 15% = $680

In this example, your premium would be $680 after discounts. It doesn’t matter in which order discounts are applied; the final price will always be the same. As a note: certain discount percentages apply to specific coverages; others apply to your entire account across multiple policies. However discounts apply, so you can rest assured the amount you’re saving is correct.

Full list of available discounts

See all the discounts Onlia offers here:

Add more, save more

Bundle your car and home insurance to save even more

Want even cheaper insurance? Save up to 50% on home and up to 15% on car insurance when you bundle them.