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Payment Agreement

As an Onlia insurance account owner, you authorize Onlia Agency Inc. to withdraw funds from your bank account or credit card for the payment of all charges relating to your account(s).


You understand, agree, and certify that:

  • Your payment information is accurate. Should it change, you will update this information via your online account, or otherwise let Onlia know, in advance of your next scheduled payment date.
  • This agreement stands should you change your payment method to a new credit card or bank account.
  • You understand the terms and conditions of your payment schedule, including when you receive your bill and when payment will be withdrawn. You allow Onlia to adjust this schedule if necessary.
  • You have authorized Onlia to charge you each month (via your pre-authorized payment method) the amount of total premium owed, including applicable taxes. Your bill is available online, and is sent to you by email, which includes the amount owed.
  • Onlia Agency Inc. calculates billing daily based on a fixed annual premium, therefore the amount charged to your account will vary based on the number of days in the proceeding month. This amount may also vary if you have made any changes to your account.
  • If you cancel your agreement to withdraw from your bank account, you are still responsible for the full payment of your premiums to maintain coverage.
  • You are responsible for service fees charged by your bank or other institutions.
  • Failure to pay premiums on time may result in the cancellation of your insurance.
  • If you made a down payment when you initially purchased your insurance, this amount will be credited towards your final bill. If the credit amount is more than the amount due, you will be refunded the remaining balance.
  • This agreement ends in the event you no longer have an active insurance policy, and any balance owed on your account(s) has been paid in full. If there is an outstanding balance owed after your policy has been cancelled, this agreement remains intact until it is paid.
  • Recourse: If you believe your pre-authorized payments do not comply with the terms of this agreement, you have the right to pursue reimbursement. Learn more by contacting your financial institution, or by visiting Payments Canada
  • You waive the right to further notifications regarding scheduled payments.


Last updated: May 2020