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Community & Culture

2018 Year in Review

A look back at the exciting Onlia milestones of 2018.

by Team Onlia
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” — Lao Tzu

Earlier this year, we launched Onlia, an innovative digital company with an ambitious mission to make Canada a safer place. A task like making Canada safer can seem pretty daunting at times — especially when you’re the new kid on the block. Not only do we have to introduce ourselves and make new friends — but we’re also trying to shake things up a bit. We want to rethink the way Canadians approach safety and insurance in their daily lives, and make things simple, fair and easy. Intentions are all well and good, but we think action is even better. So in 2018, we hit the ground running.

Every movement starts with a great idea, and one single person. That was the mentality when we introduced ourselves to the world back in February. We wanted to start small, and share our safety mission with friends and family to see what they thought. We created FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages for Onlia, and started writing about safety on the Onlia blog. From that first single follower, our community has now reached over 850K Canadians and received over 10K likes, comments and shares. Talk about building a buzz! Word is beginning to spread, and we cannot wait to see how far it goes.

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With a growing community, we wanted to begin sharing tools and resources to help Canadians make safer driving decisions behind the wheel. In June 2018, we quietly released the beta version of the Onlia Insurance™ safe driving mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In the few months that the app has been quietly in market, the Onlia Insurance™ app has been downloaded by 903 users, with over 26K trips recorded — for a total of 351K km driven. Talk about real proof that we are on the road to making Canada safer!

As a beta version, we’ve been encouraging users to share their valuable feedback with us so we can continue to develop the app to meet their safe driving needs. We’re listening intently, and taking every comment to heart. The Onlia Insurance™ app continues to grow and evolve with help from our community — some of our recent improvements include:

  • Updated Monthly Score Screen: The design of the monthly score screen is more beautiful, and it now includes a module that shows distracted-driving stats.
  • Improved Battery Efficiency: We've optimized battery usage, big-time! Battery drain has been a significant issue, and to the people whose phones we drained: we're sorry. That was annoying. But we heard you loud and clear and you'll see significantly less drain from now on.
  • Enhanced Drive Score Accuracy: Some folks were experiencing issues in the calculation of their monthly Drivescore. We got our math right and fixed the problem.

We’re very excited about the future of the app, and have more exciting developments to come in the new year — all with help from our growing community of safe-driving Canadians.

As a thank you for all that our community is doing to help make Canada’s roads safer, we are rewarding safe drivers. We feel strongly that reward is more effective in facilitating safe behaviour change, and we took this to heart when creating Onlia. Since launching the app, users have completed over 4K safe driving challenges, and 10% of our community been awarded perks for being safe drivers. Congratulations, Onlia app users! You’re the first to join the movement in helping create safer roads for all Canadians.

We’ve thrown a lot of numbers at you today. So what does all this mean? Well, we’ve made some pretty great progress this year, but this has all been pretty under-the-radar stuff. The really exciting pieces are yet to come! Over the next few months we’re putting our brand to the test and getting ready to spread the word even further. 2019 is poised to be a very exciting year for us, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! As we wrap up 2018, we want to say thank you — for the support, encouragement, feedback, and most of all – for doing your part to make Canada safer.

Here’s to a safe and happy new year,

Team Onlia

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