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So, you've moved out of your parent's house and are off on your own. You are no longer your parents' responsibility, which means that you have to adult for yourself. Adulting may seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of making dinner for yourself, paying your own bills, and realizing that being a grown-up is highly overrated, it isn't so bad. In an effort to make things even easier for you, we want to give you some valuable advice to help you on the road to becoming a full fledge independent adult. Can you guess what it is? If your guess was "tips on insuring your first car," then give yourself a round of applause. You are correct, and your prize is a list of valuable tips that we hope you will keep in mind when you're shopping for your first car insurance policy.

Ask family and friends

Friends and family who own a vehicle are a trustworthy and reliable source for all your auto insurance questions - after all, they’ve gone through the process before. Start by asking a few simple questions about what type of coverage they have, what their process was like when purchasing auto insurance, and what their experience has been like when communicating with their insurer. These conversations will also help you identify what’s most important to you when choosing a car insurance provider - fair price, comprehensive coverage, transparency, customer support, etc. Be sure to ask questions about the claims process as well, because that is when you need your insurer most. Were they responsive, transparent and helpful? Was the experience easy and supportive? All these things are important considerations when choosing the insurance provider you trust to protect your vehicle.

Do some online research

Now that you know what you’re looking for in an insurance provider, the next step is to learn about the various companies that offer auto insurance in Ontario, and what type of products meet your specific needs. Spend some time getting to know each company, their values, and their product offerings. Additionally, look for resources to help you better understand auto insurance, so when it’s time to purchase your policy words like "deductible" and "premium" won't scare you away. Once you feel comfortable with your research, try a few commitment-free online quotes to compare your experience with various insurance providers.

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If you haven't taken driver's ed classes, you may want to look into them

People who take ministry-approved driver's education courses not only benefit by learning safer driving habits, they also receive discounts on car insurance. If you are a new driver, your insurance premiums will be higher simply because you have no prior experience. One way to lower them is to take ministry-approved driver's education courses. Not only does driver's ed lead to insurance discounts; it also teaches you techniques to become a safer driver. Continue your safe driving habits once you’ve left the classroom by revisiting your driver’s education principles on a regular basis. This blog can help.

When it comes to insurance, fine print comes with the territory, so don't be afraid to ask questions

If there's anything you don't understand about your policy, don't hesitate to ask your insurer to clarify it for you. Questions can include: Can you tell me exactly what my policy covers? When will my rates decrease, and what can I do lower them? What is the process for filing a claim? Explore the comprehensive Onlia FAQ section for tons of valuable information, contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or use the Email or Live Chat functions on our website to find out more.

Before your car even leaves the lot, it needs to have third-party liability coverage. Unlike renters insurance, by law, vehicle owners require auto insurance to drive their cars. Liability insurance provides coverage if you are involved in a collision resulting in property damage, injury, or death. Depending on your lifestyle, driving habits, and needs, there are several optional coverages that insurers provide at an additional cost. Be sure to ask about any additional coverages to ensure you have all that protection you need. Choosing the right insurance can be tough, but with enough knowledge and the right guidance, you can make an informed decision that'll serve you (and your car) well. 

We hope these 4 tips help you feel prepared to explore all your options for car insurance coverage. As always, we’re here to help if you have any questions or are looking for additional information.

Till next time, stay safe!

Team Onlia

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