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Onlia’s mission is to clarify insurance for everyone. Everything we do furthers that aim — and that’s especially true in the details of our car insurance policies.

1. Your driving history counts because why wouldn’t it?

Driving is driving, and the more experience you have, the more we’d trust in your ability to make quick decisions on the road. We honour your previous driving experience from wherever and whenever, and we calculate your rate accordingly.

2. Your home insurance covers home sharing because why shouldn’t it?

Even as someone’s temporary abode, your home is YOUR home and our job is to protect it. So, yes, feel free to make a few bucks on your home. We got you. 

3. You get a 25% discount after 3 claim-free years because it’s worth celebrating

Three incident-free years means you’re doing what you can to drive safely and keep others safe — and we think that’s worth some recognition. It doesn’t matter where you live, when you drive, what kind of vehicle you’re driving or how lucky you’ve been to avoid trouble.

4. You pay only for what you use because why would you pay more?

If you signed up on the 18th of February, you’re billed for the ten (or 11) days of the month — and that’s it. And if you remove a feature on a Tuesday, your price changes on Wednesday. 

Sounds fair, right? Because it is.

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5. You build your own policy because you can

You know what you want, and you can do it faster yourself on your phone from anywhere in the world than we could do it from head office. Of course we’ll be here if you need help, but we made it easy.

6. Your premiums won’t rise due to minor conviction because mistakes happen

Depending on how many years you’ve been driving with a clean record, we promise not to raise your premium over a whole lot of nothing.

7. You’ll make smarter decisions because you’ll have clarity

Everything you need or want to know about car insurance in Ontario has been covered at least once in the Onlia Magazine. When you’re wondering what to do next with your car insurance policy, you can flip though the articles to find relevant advice about everything from the benefits of bundling coverages to the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage and why to consider both.

And a bonus 8th thing you probably didn’t know about Onlia

We’re among the newer insurance options in Ontario. That’s a good thing because car insurance has been relatively the same in Ontario for far too long and the industry needs fresh ideas. 

Better ways exist and Onlia is one of them! We save you the time, money and hassle that’s become part of a driver’s relationship with their car insurance.

We’re encouraging drivers to try something different with their car insurance and changing the way we understand insurance.

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Getting coverage has never been easier.

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