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Many people are opting for digital insurance providers, because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. Gone are the days of needing to depend on a broker to find the best rates and coverages for you, and setting up a policy on your behalf. With all-online insurance, you have the freedom to set up, change, and cancel your policy any time, from anywhere.

Not sure how to buy home insurance online, or new to the process? We’ll take you through everything you need to know when it comes to buying an Onlia home insurance policy online.

Getting a quote

The first step to buying Onlia home insurance is getting a quote – which you can do in minutes, online.

What information do you need to provide?

To calculate your quote we’ll need a few details about your home. Can’t set up a policy for you if we don’t know anything about your property!

  • Your address (obviously). Where do you live? We’ll need your full address.
  • The type of property you live in.  Do you live in a house or condo?
  • Details about your property. What year was your home built, and how many storeys is it?
  • Information about ownership and occupancy. Do you own or rent your home? Do you live in it, or rent it to someone else?
  • What’s your insurance history like? Have you had home insurance in the past 3 years, or made a claim in the past 6?

All of these details will help up determine your risk factor, and calculate your monthly premium. They’ll also help us identify the discounts you’re eligible for.

Choosing coverage that’s right for you

This isn’t a 'one size fits all' deal; once you’ve gotten your quote, you can customize your coverage to fit your lifestyle. You can adjust your deductible and coverage limits to best suit your needs, and select endorsements you’d like to include in your policy. Additional coverages are optional (of course) and can be added at your own discretion.

Once you have all of your coverages in order, you can add your policy to your cart and either checkout, or move on to add another quote – either for another property, or for a vehicle. If you bundle your home and auto policies with Onlia, you can save up to 5% on eligible auto coverages, and up to 20% on eligible home coverages.

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Purchasing your home insurance policy online

Now, you’re ready to purchase your policy! What’s next? You can head straight to checkout to instantly purchase your policy, or save your quote for later if you need time to think about it. Just keep in mind we can only hold your price for 24 hours! 

Before checkout, you’ll be able to see all the discounts that have been applied to your quoted premium.

With Onlia, discounts you may be eligible for include: 

  • Home & Auto: Save more when you bundle your home and auto insurance.<>
  • Credit score: You could save up to 50% on eligible coverages when you consent to a credit check. <>
  • Monitored alarm system: We’ll give you a discount for going the extra mile to protect your home. <>
  • Renewal loyalty: We love spending time together – so much so, that we’ll give you a percentage off your premium. <>
  • Mortgage-free: An extra discount on your home insurance is the cherry on top of the mortgage-free cake. <>

Managing your policy online

How do you get your policy documents?

We’re big on convenience and being eco-friendly, so we like to keep things paperless.  Once you’ve set up your policy, your documents will be available to you in My Account, your go-to spot for managing your insurance online. 

How you do make changes, or cancel your policy?

You can make changes anytime in My Account. Whether you want to add or remove coverages as your situation changes, or cancel your policy altogether, you can do it online using your preferred device.

Need some assistance? We’re only a few clicks away.

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Getting coverage has never been easier.

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