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It Pays to be Safe: Earn Cashback with Onlia Sense

Being a safe driver just got even more rewarding.

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by Team Onlia
As if getting rewarded with gift cards for being a safe driver wasn't awesome enough, Onlia Insurance customers can now get cashback every month — yes, every month — for driving safely with Onlia Sense.

How does it work?

Now, you can earn cashback — delivered straight to your bank account — for consistently driving safe with Onlia Sense. Cashback works a little differently from other perks, however.

You can become eligible to earn cash by logging into your Onlia Insurance account in the app. If you have purchased their product or service, you can go on to complete their specific safe-driving challenges.

Onlia Insurance

If you have Onlia Insurance, you can earn cashback by meeting these requirements:

  • Have an active Onlia car insurance policy for a full calendar month
  • Achieve a 3 to 5-star rating this month
  • Drive at leash 10 trips and 200 km

You can connect your Onlia Insurance account and your Onlia Sense account through the app.


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Cashback amounts come in 3 tiers — the higher your Onlia Sense score, the more you can earn:

  • 3-star driver = $5 Cashback
  • 4-star driver = $20 Cashback
  • 5-star driver = $40 Cashback

What will you spend your cashback on?

Everyone enjoys having a little extra cash, and it’s even more satisfying getting a return on items you would’ve needed to spend money on anyway — why not get rewarded where you can?

What will you be spending your Onlia Sense cashback on? Let us know on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using #OnliaCA!


Get cashback every month when you drive safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app. Download to start earning today.