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It’s been a challenging few weeks for everyone. While events worldwide can lead to a negative outlook on our current situation, there is something beautiful about the way that citizens of the world have come together even when we can’t physically be together.

Onlia employees working from homeMany companies have transitioned to working remotely, and Onlia is no exception. Our team is super tight-knit and we happen to love our office space, so it’s been a little tough being away from our work family for this long. Thankfully, we’re pretty used to using our tech to work remotely, so we’re making the best of the situation and staying tight-knit on the internet.

WHFH (working hard from home)

It’s been busy at the Onlia satellite offices around the GTA, and our team hasn’t paused when it comes to productivity. We’re big believers that having a functional workplace can translate into our work, so it was important that we all had ample space to let the creativity (or numbers, or phone calls, or meetings, depending on the department) flow. Living in a city doesn’t always allow for a fancy home office, but we know a thing or two about creating productive workspaces.

Still social, just distant

In the office, we’re not just co-workers; we like to have fun together as much as we like collaborating with each other. We’ve kept up with the tradition of lunch socials via video chat, and have regular game tournaments to keep our competitive edge.

Our company-wide Monday meetings are just as fun as always, with quirky team-building activities before our team updates. During our last meeting, we asked everyone if they could be somewhere else, where they would be — wondering what we found? That most of us would rather be quarantined somewhere tropical. Who would’ve guessed?

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Staying active is another way we’re finding togetherness. With gyms closed and social distancing in effect, we’ve had to be creative when it comes to getting our daily dose of exercise. Our resident people-person in HR, Demetra, has set up an online yoga class for all Onlians to participate in.

While all of this is a strange and quite scary time for many, we’re doing our best to retain some sense of normalcy — which, with the help of our Onlia family members, hasn’t been hard. As we continue to work remotely until we can return to our office, we remember our mission: to keep Canadians safe. And right now, that means staying at home.

If your spirits are in need of lifting, try playing one of our favourite games; take turns with a group of family or friends and list off everything you’re thankful for. It helps to put things into perspective, and you’ll hold what you love a little closer during these uncertain times.

What are you doing to stay close to your friends or (work) family? Tweet us to let us know!

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