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On The Road

Kids Street Safety

Take a look at these tips on how to talk to your children about street safety.

by Team Onlia

"Remember to look both ways before you cross the street,” this is a phase we’ve all heard a thousand times — and for good reason.

In the 90s or even early 2000s, distracted driving wasn’t a common term, now it’s something we hear about consistently. As the rate of pedestrian fatalities climbs in Toronto, we have to be cautious of potential road threats, like texting and driving, driving under the influence of cannabis and of course drunk driving.

While road safety is essential knowledge, from looking both ways, to staying away from moving vehicles, it is important that we talk to our children about these topics and ensure they understand how to stay safe. This is especially relevant as the weather begins to warm, and child spend more time playing outside.

Think back to your days as a child, you may remember certain rules the adults in your life made you follow. Remember to use the crosswalk when you’re walking home from school, hold your mother’s hand as you cross the street, and of course, look both ways. These basic tips kept us safe and out of harm’s way, but times have changed and there are different safety aspects to consider now.

Just like most parenting situations, talking to your child about safety and ensuring they understand is not a one-step task.

That’s why we’ve complied some points to remember when talking to your child about vehicle and road safety.

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Tips for talking to your children about street safety:

  1. Lead by example. Children learn by example, meaning parents need to be the example. Always practice safe road crossing and look both ways, use the sidewalk, look where you’re going and don’t hang out on busy roads or streets.
  2. Make a list. By giving your child a list of top safety steps to follow, and practising these steps with them, it will help turn them into habits.
  3. Prevent accidents. Driveways can be dangerous areas for children, so ensure that your child understands the dangers of moving vehicles, that they should never stand behind a car and identify their safe play area away from moving vehicles.

Safety can be a tough subject. Do you have any more tips to help parents talk to their children about it?

Let us know by sending us a Tweet @OnliaCA #OnliaCA.

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