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Test Your Road Safety Sign Smarts

How many of these road safety signs can you correctly identify?

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by Team Onlia

The Fall is the perfect season for going on a road trip in Canada. With leaves beginning to change colour, you're bound to see some stunning views. It’s also likely you’ll come across some pretty ambiguous road signs on your travels, maybe ones that you don’t usually see in your local area. If you find yourself scratching your head at some of the wackier and more puzzling ones, it may be time to hone your sign-reading skills. We’ve found eight of them to boost your knowledge and better prepare you for the road.

 No left turn road safety sign

ANSWER: Do not turn left during the times shown.

 Water covering the road safety sign

ANSWER: There may be water on the road. Slow down and keep control of the vehicle.

 Carpool lane road safety sign

ANSWER: Only public vehicles such as buses or cars carrying a specified minimum number of passengers can use this lane.

 Yield to the bus road safety sign

ANSWER: This sign can be found on the back of buses, to remind motorists to yield when approaching one at a designated bus stop, once the bus has signalled that it will return to the lane.

 Caution construction crew road safety sign

ANSWER: Not a lookout point! This one means there's a survey crew working on the road ahead. Proceed with caution.

Milled or grooved pavement road safety signBump or uneven pavement ahead road safety sign

 ANSWER: These signs may look similar, but they actually mean slightly different things. The orange sign indicates that the pavement has been milled or grooved and that your vehicle's stopping ability may be affected. The yellow sign on the bottom indicates that there's a bump or uneven pavement ahead. For both signs, obey the speed limit and keep your vehicle in control.

Slow moving vehicle ahead safety sign

ANSWER: This is a "slow-moving vehicle" sign. It signals to other drivers that an onward vehicle is travelling at 40km/h or less. Vehicles incapable of sustaining speeds over 40km/h must display this sign. Watch for these slower vehicles and reduce your speed as necessary.

 Caution deer road safety sign

ANSWER: Deer frequently cross this road, so be watchful for animals.


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