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You’re driving down the road, safely on your merry way - when all of a sudden something goes awry. Maybe a flat tire, or you forgot to top up on gas, or perhaps an unfortunate run-in with one of your neighbouring vehicles. These things happen more often than you may predict, with more than 750K Canadians requiring roadside emergency services in 2018.

When disaster strikes, safety is a number one priority – for you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you safely navigate a roadside emergency:

Turn on the hazard lights

Alert others on the road to your emergency status by immediately applying your car’s hazard lights. Whether driving or safely parked – this will help increase visibility and allow other road users to safely navigate away from your vehicle – protecting both you, and other drivers.

Get to a safe place

Emergencies don’t happen according to plan, so there’s a chance you may be in a tough spot if and when this happens. Make it your first priority to get to a safe place – even if that means leaving your vehicle. If your car begins to malfunction while you’re driving, try your best to pull away from traffic toward the shoulder of the road. If exiting your vehicle, make sure to do so away from traffic.

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Break out your car emergency kit

You know that car emergency kit we keep talking so much about? Well this is the time when that comes in handy. Emergency kits should be stocked with all the roadside essentials – jumper cables, gear to change a flat tire, reflective warning triangles, etc. Depending on your situation and roadside skills, you may be able to remedy your situation safely yourself. Otherwise, items in your kit will help with increased visibility and your own personal safety until professional help can arrive.

Drive safely,

Team Onlia

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