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Community & Culture

Safety Starts With Us

It’s time to take action and be the change we’re hoping to see in Canada.

by Team Onlia
Last month, the Onlia team made a confession. We admitted that we’re guilty of quite a few bad habits when it comes to safety. Not good! If we’re really going to live our mission, we can’t turn a blind eye to these red flags — so it’s time to take action and be the change we’re hoping to see in Canada. To that end, we're introducing Onlia's scrum safety goals

What’s a “scrum”? Isn’t it a rugby thing? It is! But scrums are also part of being agile as a company — they’re the small, self-sufficient teams that get things done here at Onlia. Scrum teams are also famous for using a ridiculous number of sticky notes to convey ideas and tasks. Onlia is no different. We use a lot of stickies to quickly document everything from daily tasks, to company milestones, to our new scrum safety goals.

Being on a small scrum team in an agile workplace has its benefits:

  • More focus on fewer tasks equals higher-quality work
  • It’s easier to anticipate and roll with change
  • Everyone has a say in the direction of their team and the projects they work on
  • Less bureaucracy and red tape!

Sounds good, right? One of the best parts of working in scrums is the daily “stand-up” meeting where team members can share their progress, voice concerns, and can ask for help when they need it. #Teamwork

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When brainstorming ways to turn the Onlia safety wall of shame into the safety wall of fame, our stand-ups felt like the perfect way to keep our safety mission close to heart. Ta-da! Onlia’s scrum safety goals were born

Okay, so we’ve got our safety goals dedicated to sticky notes. Great. What now? Every few weeks, we’ll each choose one behaviour from the Onlia safety wall of shame to work on, like it’s any other project. Since everyone at is Onlia responsible for reporting to their respective scrum team on progress and/or set-backs, we’ll all be in the position to help motivate our teammates to reach their safety goals. Easy peasy! We’ll be the safest kids on the block in no time!

So far, so good. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made already, and are excited to take more steps to be safer at work, at home, on the road, and in our communities (and we have the videos to prove it!). Stay tuned for the proof in the pudding — and in the meantime, tweet us a way that you could be safer @OnliaCA #OnliaCA.


Stay safe,

Team Onlia

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