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No Place Like Home

Tips for Staging Your Home

We offer up some pointers to stage your home like a pro.

by Team Onlia

If your home is on the market, the asking price is certainly crucial but just as important as price is good staging. This crucial real estate strategy can showcase your property’s maximum potential, and allows buyers to imagine themselves actually living there. And with the popularity of home design shows and magazine spreads featuring luxurious spaces, people are used to seeing picture-perfect properties everywhere they turn. 

A home is more than just four walls and a place to sleep; families with children want a nice outdoor space where kids can run and play, while some urban professionals may want an upscale residence to relax in. From boosting curb appeal to rearranging your furniture, here are some pro tips for staging your home.

Maximize space

The key to a successful home staging requires a complete de-cluttering of the space. Not only will this make your home tidier, but it will make rooms appear bigger, too. Excess furniture, knick-knacks and trinkets have got to go if you’re going to open it up for others to envision living in it. Stuffing them into a nearby cupboard may feel like an easy fix, but most potential homebuyers will check those out to gauge storage space 

Consider getting rid of junk items that you won’t be taking to your new home now, or renting a temporary storage locker instead. And when it comes to countertops and dressers, keep all surfaces clear. A good rule of thumb to follow is to make sure there’s nothing on the floors except furniture. 

‘De-personalize’ the space

You may be a fan of 1960s pop art, but the prospective homebuyer may not be. When staging your home, pull back on your personal style and go for something more timeless. Give potential buyers a chance to envision how they could decorate the space, and what it might look like with their personal belongings. A generic aesthetic without personal touches is the best way to provide an open canvas. 

Make good use of extra rooms

You may have been using the den as storage space for your DIY projects, or maybe the spare bedroom has become a dumping ground for your children’s toys. When staging your home, each room should have its purpose. Put yourself in the homebuyer’s position and think about what they might like to see in those extra rooms instead. 

If the neighbourhood is popular with growing families, the spare bedroom could be repurposed into a nursery. If your target group is young urban professionals, the den might make a good working space. Whether you’re renting office furniture or borrowing a crib, convert these extra rooms into usable space. Turning a junk room into a functional room will be worth the effort in the end. 

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Don’t forget about curb appeal

You know what they say; first impressions are lasting impressions. You want your home to look as inviting from the outside as it does on the inside. 

Power-wash the driveway or hire professionals to get your windows spotless. If you’re selling your home in spring or summer, make sure your lawn is mowed and weeds are pulled regularly. Blooming flowers will add a pop of colour and freshen up your home’s exterior. A clean doormat and tidy porch furniture are also nice touches. Finally, illuminate your walkway to entice homebuyers who may be driving by after dark. 

Add a few extras

Once your home looks open house ready, add some finishing touches. Small things you can do to polish off your staging include:

  • A beautiful vase with fresh flowers on the dining table

  • A luxurious bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen island

  • Folded hand towels and fresh potpourri in the master bath

Use home staging to give potential buyers a beautiful backdrop in which to imagine their best life. And chances are, they’ll see your home as the perfect place to make memories. 

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