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Onlia Celebrates a Safe Return to Summer Road Travel

New summer tagline “ready when you are” inspires discovery in the post-lockdown world.

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia
TORONTO, July 12, 2021 – Onlia, provider of direct home and auto insurance delivers relevant message that “they’re ready when you are” symbolizing a return a to the open road. Cars will be the go-to mode of transportation this summer, and Onlia wants to reinforce safe road usage, highlighting next day coverage for last minute trip planning.
“Insurance becomes top of mind during life’s great milestones, like getting your licence, buying a first home, or upgrading your car. This year, there’s also a connection to freedom,” said Julia Stein, Senior Marketing Communications Lead at Onlia. “Onlia’s efficient checkout and next day coverage enables last-minute plans to come together. How we get there is what’s important and offering peace of mind is where Onlia shines.”

Strategy and creative were developed by the internal marketing team and include a new :30 second spot and a summer-long drive-in contest. The new spot features quirky characters heading out of the house for the first time (in a while) and will air at drive-in cinemas across the province. This integrated campaign also includes broadcast, OOH, OLV, banners and social posts.

“Our Safety Obsessed story continues, as our characters break into the physical world to enjoy a summer outdoors. By carrying over their charm and playfulness, we were able to imagine a world that still feels unique to Onlia,” said Daniel Tablas, Creative Lead at Onlia. “To solidify our brand recognition, we maintained distinct magenta and blue hues that differentiate Onlia in the category and reinforce our position as an innovative and modern insurance provider.”

Campaign creative launched on digital channels (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) and at drive-ins. Television spots will appear during prime time on Rogers, Bell Media and Corus networks. Re:word Content Co. developed the script and tagline, By the Booth designed and produced the spot production and art direction and Media Experts bought the media space.

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